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14 Companies That Give Back

This is one of my absolute favourite gift guides to do each year because there are so many amazing companies out there doing INCREDIBLE things that a lot of people don’t know about so I like to take this opportunity to help spread the word where I can!! Below is a list of some of the companies that tug at my heartstrings and there are SO many others out there doing great things, such as Cuddle + Kind … for every doll sold, it provides TEN meals for a child!! So amazing! And Lush’s charity pot, which, with every purchase, they donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights!

Alright, let’s dig into the others!!

Jillian Harris Gifts that Give Back Gift Guide

1. Face Wipes | 2. Blanket | 3. Mug | 4. Waterbottle | 5. Necklace | 6. Bracelets | 7. Scarf | 8. Shoes | 9. Clutch | 10. Bracelet | 11. Watch | 12. Toque | 13. Candle | 14. Bag

1. Face Wipes

These face wipes are from a company by the name of Happy Spritz! I loooove taking these little towelettes(especially the Good Morning Beautiful ones!) with me when I travel as they are a nice and quick pick-me-up when you’re on the road and feeling a bit sluggish! The faces wipes are 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients, scented using aromatherapy and are cruelty-free!!

At Happy Spritz, it’s their mission to give back to animal rescue organizations, efforts, and causes! Not only do they donate to rescue groups but they also make “pledges” on social media that can have a huge impact on the animals chance of getting rescued + adopted from the high kill shelter system!

2. Blanket

The CINDER blanket from the Obakki Foundation helps transform the lives of those in desperate need by benefitting a wide range of Obakki Foundation projects. To date, they’ve provided access to basic needs for over 2 million people in South Sudan, Cameroon, and Uganda because 100% of all net proceeds go directly to their projects in the field!!! So freakin amazing!!

3. Mug

I absolutely LOVE these little mugs for camping, not only do they have a sweet message on them but for every mug sold they donate a portion of each purchase to fund clean water with charity: water! The would make great stocking stuffers!!

4. Waterbottle

We all have a soft spot for S’well, am I right?! How could you not love their adorable designs?! The Founder and CEO actually launched S’well with the mission to rid the world of plastic water bottles which I think is an incredible vision on its own! S’well is also a partner of UNICEF USA, committing $800,000 since 2015 to help provide clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Through 2018, S’well is focused on supporting water programs across Madagascar – a country where nearly 50% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. They’re helping to build infrastructure, educate families on water-borne diseases and promote national reform to make a sustainable, long-lasting change!!! Well done, S’well, well done!!

5. Necklace

These cute little necklaces are called The Giving Keys and for every necklace sold it helps to support job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. To date, The Giving Keys has provided 70+ job opportunities to people transitioning out of homelessness, impacting lives through the power of a Pay It Forward community. This makes my heart BURST!!!!

6. Bracelets

All proceeds from these stackable bracelets from Blue Ruby Jewellery go to the Cause We Care Foundation. This program benefits single mothers and children in need in Vancouver. Blue Ruby has donated over $260,000 to support Cause We Care!!!

7. Scarf

This is another brilliant idea from The Obakki Foundation! 500 of these limited edition scarves helps to build clean water wells in Africa!!

8. Shoes

For every pair of TOM’s sold they give a new pair of shoes to children in need PLUS they’ve also introduced some new ways of giving back which includes TOMS Eyewear (helps restore sight to an individual through sight-saving surgery), TOMS Roasting Co. (supports water systems in seven countries – in the same regions where they source their coffee beans), and SO much more! Check out ALL of the details, here!!

9. Clutch

These beautiful creations are handmade by resettled refugee women in Dallas using vintage, artisan-made, and sustainable materials. Gaia’s mission is to empower marginalized woman through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in their own local communities. Their goal is to lead the woman to financial independence and self-sufficiency!!

10. Bracelet

This cute little bracelet from Half United (and EVERY product purchased from them) provides 7 meals for a child in need!! That’s HUGE!!!

11. Watch

I just recently shared a blog dedicated to these amazing watches from Mon Amie, there are FIVE different watches that each serve a different purpose! My favourite is the one pictured below, it’s the Health Watch, when you purchase this particular watch you’ll also be making an impact by providing prenatal care for one woman!! Find out about each of the watches and what they do to give back, here! If you’re looking to order these watches for shipping to Canada, order them from here!!

12. Toque

With the purchase of every Love Your Melon pom beanie, they donate 50% of its profits to support pediatric cancer research and families affected by cancer.

13. Candle

In addition to the revenue Global Goods Partners earn from the products they sell online and through other retailers, they offer their partners small financial grants to purchase new equipment, upgrade their facilities or to improve the lives of the women artisans they work with and their families. Between 2006 and 2016, GGP awarded more than $150,000 in grants to our partners. Click here for a list of the grants!

14. Bag

For every one of these bags sold, State hand delivers a backpack – packed with essential tools for success – to an American child in need!

Jillian Harris Mon Amie
Jillian Harris Mon Amie

Also, you don’t have to buy something to give back to your community, some of my favourite ways to give back to my community are sponsoring a family through the Kelowna Food Bank and volunteering at a local charity!! You can also spread the holiday cheer by sending someone you haven’t talked to in a while a sweet message to let them know you’re thinking of them … hold the door open for a stranger … or give someone a hug!! There are so many ways to keep the positive vibes rolling!!

What are some of your favourite ways to spread kindness over the holidays??



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  1. I do admire that you do gifts that do give back but it would be nice for gifts that give back to Canadians …. love you ❤️

  2. Absouetly love this. Buying gifts that “give” back to others is an amazing idea. Sadly, I wish the Monamie watches shipped to Canada. Tried to order one last night and the PayPal account has to be from the US. Oh well, try again soon. All the other stuff is amazing! xoxox Liz

  3. Your heart is soooo generous, Jillian! I love reading, learning and looking at the pictures in your posts!❤️?❤️

  4. These are all really amazing products! It’s so nice tha during the holidays you can think that the products you buy are helping give back to those who need it! Happy holidays

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