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16 of My Favourite Home Items of All Time

I get a lot of questions when it comes to the decor in my home and while I know there are TONS of little items that everyone scopes out … I have to say, I definitely have some personal favourites! So, today I’m going to share 16 of my ALL TIME favourite home items with you!!

Every single one of these items below can be found either inside or outside our home!! They are items that I’ve really grown to love and appreciate and I’m excited to have them all for years and years to come!

Let’s dig right in!!

1. My Bed 

You all know just how much I love my bed … in fact, I think it’s one of the most photographed pieces of furniture in our home! LOL!! I partnered up with the team at The Cross Design & Decor and together we started designing my bed … we went through so many revisions and prototypes and finally … THEY NAILED IT!! I’m so in love with this bed and I’m still so happy with the colour I selected, which is DUSTY ROSE!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

2. Hello Doormat

This is SUCH a cute and practical item for any home! I absolutely love the style and design of this doormat! This one tends to be on sale often (without sale pricing they range from $30 – $120 depending on size!) at Wayfair and they sell out FAST!! I’ve already ordered up another one because once this one wears out, I want to have a fresh one at the ready! LOL!

Jillian Harris Doormat Favourites

3. Wood Dining Chairs

These are the wood chairs we have in our dining room, I love how simple and classic they are! These are another item that tends to go on sale often at Wayfair, depending on the sale, sometimes you can snag a set of 4 for around $500!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

4. Armchairs

I get a lot of questions about the armchairs we have in our living room!! I purchased them from Pottery Barn and I feel like they add a lot of personality and really complete the look of our living room!  To be honest, I don’t necessarily think they’re the COMFIEST chairs around but Justin ALWAYS falls asleep in them!! However, I will say that I absolutely love the LOOK of them!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

5. Caitlin Wilson Rug

I LOVE my Caitlin Wilson rug in our living room! The colour and pattern are perfect for high traffic areas, it does SUCH a great job masking all of the wear and tear that’s happens in our home … such as Nacho’s muddy paws (and puke!), my wine stains and Leo’s spills … you name it … this rug is almost a year old and it STILL looks brand-spankin’ new!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

6. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

This is one of those things that I saw and immediately KNEW I had to have!! I originally purchased the smaller version of this mirror but I loved it SO much that I had to get the largest size which is 7 FEET tall!! Now, while I’m seriously head over heels for this mirror, it IS an investment, especially if you live in Canada! Considering the actual mirror doesn’t directly ship to Canada, I had to get a broker to get it to us then I had to pay taxes and duties on top of the price … but to me, it was well worth it as I know I’ll have it in our home for years and years to come!
Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

7. Metal Laundry Hamper

This adorable laundry bin is from World Market (under $40 US!) … everyone ALWAYS asks about this laundry bin and I LOVE it because it’s easy to move around considering it has wheels on the bottom and even though it’s always stuffed with laundry, it doesn’t matter because it’s so damn cute!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

8. Buffalo Plaid Peel & Stick Wallpaper

I ordered this plaid removable wallpaper for our spare bathroom as I felt like it was missing something and I absolutely LOVE how it looks in there, it totally completed the space!! Also, it’s from TARGET and it’s super inexpensive, sitting at around $30 per roll!! Win-win!!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

9. Drape Umbrellas

I ordered these umbrella’s from Wayfair and they make our outdoor space look like a cute beachy resort! The ones I ordered are in beige and I find they are the first ones to sell out, but not to worry, they seem to always have these on sale (they were JUST on sale … and might still be?? For 77% off so around $140 bucks each!) and they tend to get restocked from time to time!!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

10. Loungers

I love love love the Trex Loungers we have out by our pool, they are super cute and comfy! We ordered the outdoor cushions to go on top of them in “Bird’s Eye” for extra comfort!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

11. Outdoor Cabinets

The next two cabinets I want to share with you were custom built by Holly from The Shed Wood Co. Holly and I worked together to design a couple of pieces that would work well on each side of our outdoor space. On the busy side of the patio, I really wanted to have enclosed storage to store items like towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra bathing suits, cleaning supplies, plastic cups, plates, napkins, etc. On the top of the unit, I had asked for two holes to be cut out (one for garbage and the other for recycling) so people could toss their items in either of the bins without having to open up a door and it kept them nicely hidden away!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

On the other side of the patio, I have a unit with open storage which I filled with baskets full of toys, life jackets, and items that people leave behind at our place, such as bathing suits! I really LOVE how both of these turned out, how functional they are and how they’ve enabled us to bring the indoors out!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

12. Outdoor Furniture

I LOVE our outdoor furniture set!! The patio table and chairs from Canadian tire, and they’re so crazy durable!! We left it out this past winter and it still looks brand new!!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

13. Pendant Light

These industrial pendant lights in our kitchen are from Visual Comfort & Co! I love them because they’re so unique and add such a bold statement to our home.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room

14. Hampton Pendant

This pendant light is over my soaker tub in our Master Ensuite, I love the New York boutique hotel vibe it gives off!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Master Ensuite

15. Wood Stumps

I got these wood stumps from The Cross Decor & Design but they are made by a local company called Style in Form from Vancouver. I love that they are natural and timeless and they’re a great piece of decor to have around if you have little ones as they won’t break or get dirty!!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

16. Mantle

Our mantle is from a Canadian company called Dreamcast! Our mantel was custom made and I feel as though it gives the space an elegant and timeless feel.  We ended up going with the French Country Mantel in Chalk Old World!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Home Items

There you have it!! If you would like to check out and stay up to date with new items we bring into our home, then make sure to take a peek at the “My Home” tab over on my site as this is where I will continue to link everything for you!



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    1. OMG the mirror is a SERIOUS beauty!!!! You’ll have to let me know how much you love it!!!! XOXO

  1. Absolutely love your home! Did you have your wood beams made? Do you know what type of wood they are and what stain was used? Thanks for the post!

    1. The wood beams were made by Carson from Urban Roots Furniture! The wood Carson used to make these beams is from Western Reclaimed and while I’m not exactly sure where the wood came from I do know that it IS reclaimed!!

  2. I wish you could come design my new home being built! I’ve dreamt of a CW rug and was in talks with them but in CAD + the shipping + duties I simply can’t afford it…:( I’m crushed! I’m also on the lookout for a Canadian version of her Paloma grey backless stools and polkadot wallpaper!! Love your home and these style blogs!! Keep them coming! Xox

  3. Ahhh this is all so beautiful! I absolutely adore interior design and when I actually get to settle in one location I’m going to need some great inspiration pics. I definitely know where I’m going to start! Love everything about your brand/style !
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your home is gorgeous…you have such a good eye for how you put each room together. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your style in everything, also you just as a human:). I have been trying to find a cute awning for over our back door that we use all the time and can’t find anything at all that has any style to it. Do you happen to have any suggestions?

  6. Where did you purchase your bar stools and the covers you use on them? I love the ones you use for the holidays!!!

  7. Hi Jillian!

    Where did you purchase your living room sofas and what fabric is on them?
    Diane 🙂

  8. Where and how do you store all of Leo’s toys? I also have a 2 year old and I try to keep the toys hidden and organized but I feel like it can definitely look like a daycare at my house at times!

    1. We have a playroom downstairs which we keep a lot of them in but we also have a couple of cupboards free in our built-ins upstairs which we use for his toys and we also have a large basket to toss them in as well!! XO

  9. Such a great list!!! I’m so in love with everything…but that rug is just gorgeous! And even better to know that it holds up to kids, pets and wine ? lol. Thanks for sharing. Xo

  10. Love all the items on your favourite list, especially the fireplace mantel. Do you have a gas fireplace insert, have never seen such a large glass door

  11. Could you possibly share about your beautiful coffee table? Everything is just perfect! Thank you!

  12. Lovely lovely home!

    Where did you get your runner by the kitchen sink? Also where did you get your black/blue tweed tank top in ur Insta stories?


  13. Jill, I’m having a heck of a time finding couches I love (much to my husband’s chagrin) and yours are the style I’m thinking I could live with…. slipcovers….dogs …. you know! Looked for them on Country Furniture’s website but no can find. Any suggestions? Were they custom or discontinued you think? Thanks for any help in advance XX

  14. Jillian your living room is beautiful! Any suggestions for a less expensive “look alike” to your Caitlin Wilson rug if trying to do a room on a budget? Thanks!!

  15. Love your style!! Is your CW rug in the living room the flat weave or wool? I love the look and was curious if your comments on stains/traffic applied to the flat weave. Thank you!!

  16. Beautiful home! Do you happen to have any suggestions for a “look alike” to your living room CW rug if doing a room on a budget?

  17. Hi Jillian. I love your Caitlin Wilson rug but it looks pretty pricey especially with the exchange and shipping. Do you know if these ever go on sale?

  18. Hi Jillian,

    Absolutely adore your interior design! Thanks for sharing. Where is your coffee table from? It’s beautiful and we are re-inventing our living room.


  19. HI Gillian, love your style.. I am currently renovating a home and need some advice.. I will pay and send you photos of my home.. pay for a ticket and stay in a nice hotel in my home town. I am stuck in my renos . I live in a beautiful home on an acreage built in the early 1980’s.. alot of wood finishing.. fireplace, feature walls. etc.. I just put in new beautiful hardwood flooring and now nothing is flowing. I am stuck, I have no idea how to move forward. I =

    I will put you up at the Minnette Bay Lodge in Kitimat BC and buy you a flight.. and pay for your expertise …. or send you photos of my home and pay for your advice. Help I am desperate!

    Hope to hear from you after the holidays.
    Have a wonderful holiday season,


  20. Do you have recommendations for faux plants, indoors? My husband wants a plant for Valentine’s Day ? but I am worried neither of us will be around enough to water.

  21. My daughter is looking for a post you had a while ago of a xstitch picture ?
    Could you email it to me ?
    Is it for sale or I could make or ?

  22. Love all these items ! What broker did you use to ship the gleaming primrose mirror in the largest size ?

    Thank you so much

  23. Hi Jillian!
    When you talk about using a broker to order items from the States, is there a specific website/company you use?
    Thank you!!

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