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3 Memorable Ways to Capture Your Special Moments

If you haven’t already noticed, I absolutely LOVE taking photos and documenting special moments in my life. From trips to birthday’s, new homes, and special occasions. I have taken SO MANY photos over the years and one thing I always make sure to do is to get those important photos printed and off of my phone so we have a (PHYSICAL!) keepsake, and ultimately, so we can enjoy them!

There is something so special about getting photos printed … it’s something I feel like most of us “forget” about in this day and age because our world is so digital. I mean, how many of you have about 15 THOUSAND photos on your phone right now?! ?? And if we don’t do something with those 15,000 photos they just end up lost in our photo library … never to see the light of day again! LOL!

So, whenever we go on a family trip or when a special occasion rolls around, I like to be conscious of capturing those special moments so we can remember them for years to come.

Below I’m sharing three tips that I follow when it comes to capturing special moments!

Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments

1. Get Photo Ready

I love doing my hair and makeup, finding that perfect dress, accessories, and shoes for family photos … but one thing I’ve been LOVING lately is wearing matching outfits. Now, I don’t mean this in a cheesy way … I mean adorable matching (but different!) outfits, like swimsuits!! Imagine Perry is a ridiculously cute swimwear brand that makes matching swimsuits for babies, kids, and adults!! We don’t do the whole matchy-matchy thing often but I think it’s really fun and cute to do it once in a while!!

Jillain Harris Capturing Special Moments-1Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments Photo Credit: Wendy from Flytographer

2. Strike a Pose

Once you’re all dolled up … well, I should say, once you’re all dolled up and somehow managed to get the kids ready … lol … it’s time to strike a pose! You can use your iPhone to capture some really nice photos (and make them beautifully light and airy by using the JH Love Presets!!).

Or, what we like to do when we’re on vacation is hire Flytographer to do a photo session with our family. We’ve used them pretty much every single time we’ve been on vacation and they are so easy to work with … even if you’re not comfortable in front of a camera!! Their photos are STUNNING and it’s the perfect way to capture the whole family together.

Ps. Flytographer has offered all of YOU $50 off using the code JILLIANHARRIS2019!! This code will be valid for the entire year!!

Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments Photo Credit: Wendy from Flytographer

3. Transform Your Photos into a Keepsake

This is my favourite part!! I love actually DOING something with my photos so we are able to have them forever. When it comes to our professional photos, I like to have those printed and framed! We had some of our photos framed by Framebridge and they turned our stunning! I wanted to make sure I saw them every day so I lined the entrance to our master bedroom with them!

Another thing I love to do is to create photo books out of my iPhone photos! This is such a great way to get your images off your phone and into a physical book! Think photo album … but BETTER!! I love to use Chatbooks for this!! I have quite the library of Chatbooks now as I started doing this a few years ago … so I have an entire book dedicated to things like Leo’s first birthday, our new home, etc.

Also!! For both Leo and Annie we have a Mushybook as their baby books! Mushybooks are ridiculously ADORABLE. They’re beautifully laid out and provide spaces for photos! Another great way to hold onto those special memories!!

Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments Jillian Harris Capturing Special Moments

There you have it!! Now, tell me in the comments below … what is YOUR favourite way for capturing those special moments?!



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  1. Is the chat books company Canadian? I had found a similar company but when I went to check out I was disappointed to see the extra fee since was from the US. I was hoping to find a Canadian company that offered similar services. Can you tell us more about Chat Books?
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing! This book sounds like exactly what I am looking for 🙂

    Can you share where you bought your blue/gold/pink living room rug? It would be perfect for my nursery! Thanks 🙂


  3. Thank you for the new website to make photo books. I use to use Apple and they did such an awesome job but for some reason, they stopped making them.

  4. Hi Jillian,
    Of course I need to take a moment to say how much I just lie you guys and look forward to all of your blogs, posts and stories:)
    I wonder if you could share more info on chat books? Are they Canadian?…

    Thank you

  5. This was a lovely post, thank you Jill! I’ve been using Promptly Journals (a complete childhood history from pregnancy to age 18) for my baby books, provides prompts/questions and as the kids get older have 1-2 pages only for a simple annual birthday check in. Artifact Uprising is another really good photo book option, easy to use interface and exceptional quality.

  6. I do scrapbooking…I have done many of our travels and some photo books as well. We have 4 daughter’s and 10 grandchildren, so I do pages throughout the year for each of the families.By Christmas, I have donee enough 12 x 12 pages to fill a scrapbook album. Thatn I s their main Christmas present…they all lead busy lives and all work outside the home full time, so they do not have the extra time to do their own books. This is a win win for me. I love doing it for them. I also do a copy of the pages I make for each family for my scrapbook, so for 2018, I think I’ completed over 130 pages…
    This is what I do with my photos and the photos I download from my girls Instagram or Facebook pages…
    These books are made with love and I love doing them too…
    Hope you enjoy my comment..
    I love seeing your posts on Instagram too…
    Cheers a fan…Mamajilly, is what my girls
    Call me…?

  7. How did you get frambeidge to frame your art? It’s my understanding they don’t ship to Canada!? I’ve been waiting for them to start but nothing!

  8. I have just got a new phone and need my Jilly presets back ! How do I get them into the Lightroom app on my new phone. ( I purchased them and had them on my old phone.)

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