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4 Summer Inspired Outfits to Wear Before The Season Ends!

I get tagged in so many amazing posts on Instagram and one day while I was scrolling IG, Christopher tagged me in one of his posts and it stopped me in my tracks. The photo was stunning and edited with our presets so naturally, I ended up scrolling his feed and just LOVED how beautiful and creative it was. Mindy reached out to see if he was interested in contributing a fashion piece to the blog and I am SO excited he agreed and LOVE the outfits that he styled!

Take it away, Christopher!

Hello Everybody! My name is Christopher Allen, born and raised in Toronto, ON, and I am so excited to be here and to share some of my ideas that I have created to inspire your summer fashion this year!! Lately, I have been posting some of my favourite purchases from my favourite clothing brands on my Instagram stories to share with you guys some tips and ideas on how you can create that perfect look that not only makes you feel beautiful/handsome but a style that makes you feel more you! My goal is to create outfits that can be unisex for everyone to love, enjoy, and hopefully inspire your summer fashion trend. I am so thrilled to be here with you today and to show you some of my favourite classic summer looks.

Business Chic

This has to be one of my favourite outfits for the summer season!! A loose dress shirt styled with fitted jeans that is comfortable, stylish, and breathable to wear. This outfit you can either dress it up to feel more of that chic look or dress it down to feel more simple. Adding a bag to your business look really ties the outfit together, but that is just my personal opinion (as I had added one to my look). Accessories are an option when it comes to professional attire. Like the rose gold watch, I am wearing, for instance, you can’t go wrong with a watch, right? It adds that class touch of elegance to the outfit. Footwear, well, that’s entirely on what you feel is most comfortable and what feels right to go with the outfit. A nice pair of loafers or open-toed shoes can accent this outfit quite nicely, but I stuck to more of a simple look by wearing white sneakers with it.

Dress Shirt | Pants | Bag | Watch | Shoes

Blonde man, Christoper Allen, standing outside of a white building wearing a casual white button down shirt and tapered khaki pants.
Summer Inspired Office wear for him.

Fun in the Sun

It’s that time to have a drink in your hand and to put your feet in the sand!! This outfit is the perfect look for your summer break. A linen shirt with matching linen pants that is both comfortable and breathable to wear!! If you are not much of a pants in the summer type of person, that’s perfectly fine! A nice pair of shorts can go along with this outfit quite nicely for your getaway to the beach. Toronto is known to get humid around this time of year, so why not add a nice straw hat that will help keep you looking cool and feeling cool. Speaking of feeling cool, a nice pair of open-toed shoes will help accent your summer outfit! That way they are easy to take off, to walk freely along the sand, through the water, and even to run through a field of grass, if you are wild like me that way, lol.

Hat | Linen Shirt | Linen Pants | Sandals | Ring

Best Outfit to Wear to The Beach in 2021.
Christopher's Go-To Beach Look.

Casual Outing

This is definitely one of my FAVOURITE summer casual looks!! I often wear a light button-up shirt with a nice pair of shorts to feel that better sense of casual outing. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit anywhere I go this summer. Whether it’s running errands, going for a nice walk, hanging out with friends, and/or even going on a road trip somewhere. You could choose to wear this look as is with the shorts, or you can wear white jeans and a short sleeve denim shirt (if you have one). The sun does tend to get in my eyes a lot no matter where I go during the summertime, so I decided to add a nice pair of blue ombre tinted sunglasses to accent the look. As for footwear, sneakers with a comfortable sole have always been my go-to for a casual outing. You could choose to wear open-toed shoes with this look. It’s whatever feels the most comfortable to you and of course what feels the most casual. 

Sunglasses | Shirt | Shorts | Shoes

Christopher Allen's outside a white building wearing one of his Favourite Summer Fits.
Christopher standing outside on a stone path wearing white shorts and a denim button down shirt, one of his 2021 Summer Outfits.

Night Out

City lights equal fun nights!! Am I right? lol. This is by FAR my Favourite outfit for the summer season. A night in Toronto is crazy, but there are many things to do and so many places to visit. So why not look good while having the time of your life? This outfit contains a cream colour button-up t-shirt that is paired with light blue colour ripped jeans. My personal opinion, ripped jeans are the best to wear during the summer season because it not only keeps you looking fresh but also helps you feel cool during those humid days. The shirt especially, because you can always wear either a black or white colour tank top underneath and leave the shirt undone. My choice of shoes are a taupe color suede boots. It adds that “classy” look to the night-out outfit (from my perspective). However, if you’re not fussy with the boots, don’t worry! A nice pair of sneakers will compliment your “night out” look quite nicely. Also, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to accessorize my look. That is why I have chosen to wear a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet. Something small and simple really accents the outfit quite nicely, but feel free to add whatever feels right!

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bracelet | Ring | Necklace

Christoper Allen standing in the middle of a quiet residential street wearing one of his Summer Inspired Outfits.
Christoper Allen standing in the middle of a residential street lined with trees, drinking coffee while showing one of his Favourite Summer Looks.

It has been such an honour to have been given this incredible opportunity!! There are not enough words to express how grateful I am!! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about my summer fashion tips and ideas. I hope these outfits have inspired you just as much as they inspired me. Also just in case, you were wondering, all of my photos were edited by using Jillian’s “LOVE” presets :).

Thank you so much! Take care guys and let me know what you think.


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