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5 Must Try Easter Cocktails

Good morning and Happy (almost) Easter! I’ve been doing some Pinterest cruising for some fun Easter cocktails and I wasn’t at all disappointed at what I came across! These drinks are so adorable that I just HAVE to share them with you!

As I went through the ingredients of these drinks I noticed that some of them call for half and half so I would suggest swapping it out for a vegan alternative like a soy based creamer, almond milk or even coconut milk (yum!) all depending on what taste you’re going for, that is! I think what I love most about these drinks are how they’re styled, I love the idea of the coconut rim … the easter candy as flare and check out how creative the third drink is, it looks like a carrot with the sprig of parsley in the glass, so so cute!

If you’re not keen on using easter candy to dress up your drinks try using a carrot like the image posted directly below, it’s much healthier (minus the booze … lol) and it still looks pretty!

Jillian Harris - Easter Cocktails-1

Frank the Rabbit Cocktail by 10th Kitchen

Jillian Harris - Easter Cocktails-4

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails by Kirbie’s Cravings

Jillian Harris - Easter Cocktails-3

Carrot Mimosa by AGFG

Jillian Harris - Easter Cocktails-5

Peeps Cocktail by Love Bakes Good Cakes

Jillian Harris - Easter Cocktails-2

Cottontail Martini by Inspired by Charm

I think whipping up one of these drinks for your guests this Easter would score you 10/10 on the hostess scale, lol! And considering yours truly doesn’t have a home yet … I wouldn’t mind an invite … LOL!! Just sayin …

Speaking of hosting Easter dinner, if you’re looking for some vegan (and indulgent) recipes to try out, make sure to take a little browse through my previous blog here, I shared some great main course ideas plus brunch and dessert ideas! I ALSO shared my top 5 tips when it comes to dressing up your table for Easter dinner as well so give that a little looksy too! I mean just LOOK at this cute decor … I’m kind of in love with it all!! Lol!!

Easter Table Decorating 101

Do you have any go-to drinks that you make for your friends and family for Easter dinner?? Let’s hear ’em! Share your brilliant ideas and recipes with me below in the comments section.




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  1. Love all the ideas you propose,the cocktails,the decor and also the food recipes from your other article 🙂 I am not as creative so I love catching original ideas.Thanks!!

    1. You have no right to call Jillian cruel, I think she is in fact, quite the opposite. The bunnies were not being abused. If you have an issue, unfollow or mention it in a mature fashion. Being insolent only highlights your immaturity, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Shame on you you cruel person. Those poor bunnies were scared and frightened and you cared more about your stupid photo shoot than their well being. You call yourself a vegan and you think it’s ok to use these poor creatures as props for yet another one of your ad campaigns to make a buck?

    You should never, ever let a kid grab an animal – what the hell is wrong with your head? This is sickening.

    1. No kidding hey? I’m sure she figured some way to get the bunnies to pay her for their appearance in her pictures. All about the free shit yo.

    2. I thought little Leo was adorable and maybe the bunnies are pets. I understand the whole Pantene issue but, just give the girl a break. Jillian isn’t a vegan and already explained she tries her best to make ethical consumer choices.

    3. Relax, the bunnies weren’t harmed. Chances are they were born on a farm and used to people. Leo had lots of supervision .

  3. Love this post!! I’ve tried the original recipe cottontail martini and it’s delicious, however I can usually only handle one as it is quite sweet. Can’t wait to try the rest of these festive drinks!! Thanks for posting!!

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