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5 Simple Halloween Decorating Ideas

Ghoul morning everyone!! Now that Thanksgiving is wrapped up for another year, it’s time to switch gears and get on the Halloween train … because there’s no rest for the wicked … am I right?! I already have my pumpkins set up, this year I went with a mix of large and small pumpkins, the white, pinkish colour and the greeny-grey pumpkins … which I’m head over heels in love with! All of our pumpkins are lining the stairs to our front entrance and they look awesome butttt now it’s time to get moving with the rest of my Halloween decorating!

I seem to have accumulated quite a few Halloween decorations over the years so I have quite a bit to work with but if you’re looking for quick and easy (plus cost-effective) ways to boo-tify your home … then I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you …

Jillian Harris ModCloth Skull Peplum Top

1. Pillows

Everyone knows my obsessive love for pillows so it really shouldn’t shock you that they are at the top of the list! They really are the easiest way to incorporate seasonal decor into your home.

Pro Tip: Buy a bunch of inserts and then just swap the pillow covers out each season!

2. Banners

Banners are so simple and so cute! You can hang them anywhere and they’re next to no effort to put up! I’m loving all of the cheeky Halloween banners out there, like “Eat, drink & be scary” … and “Cheers witches” … LOL!!

3. Balloons

If you’ve seen any of the parties I’ve decorated you’ll know that I have a thing for balloons! Generally, I like to use the large round balloons for my parties but I also love the fact that you can get spooky balloons, like crows, ghosts and vampire teeth!

4. Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are sooo much fun not to mention they’re also really affordable!! They’re the easiest way to fill empty space or to add a pop of colour and texture!

5. Cake Toppers & Sprinkles

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party chances are there’s going to be some treats there! If you plan on baking some spooktacular cupcakes or a cake, make sure you don’t forget to dress them up with fun black sprinkles or a witty cake topper!

Jillian Harris Etsy Halloween Decorating

1. Boo Balloon | 2. Tissue Paper Pom Pom | 3. Stamped Spoon | 4. Chalkboard Coffin | 5. Trick or Treat Poster | 6. Halloween Sprinkles | 7. Cake Topper | 8. Skull Pillow | 9. Eek Balloon | 10. Pumpkin Cake Topper | 11. Spider Confetti | 12. Yarn Candy Corn | 13. Cheers Witches Banner | 14. Pillow

What are some of your favourite ways to decorate for Halloween??



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  1. I love all of cute and fun ideas that have been posted, I am definitely going to try to make the glow in the dark pumpkins and glow stick jars! Everything is so cute and seems so very simple to make and/or do!

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