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5 Simple Tips to Staying Organized!

I learned VERY quickly how important it is to stay organized as a new mommy in my first few days of being back to work. Below are a few tips that have helped me stay (relatively) on top of my life all while managing my new little fam!!

1) Utilize Tools and Apps: They are at our fingertips for a reason and that reason is to make our lives easier! I know it might seem like MORE work to plug everything into calendars and lists but trust me, once you get into the habit it becomes second nature and you will soon depend on these glorious life changers.

A few of my absolute favourite apps that I depend on daily are:

  1. Wunderlist: This app is great for to-do lists for yourslef AND others!! I can add notes for Justin and we keep our grocery list in there so if one of us is out we can see if anything needs to be picked up before heading home.
  2. Planoly: I use this ALL the time. This app actually helps me orgnize my Instagram page and allows me to see the layout of my page before I post anything…this helps with a flow and consistency of my posts!!
  3. iCal: I use this handy calendar to keep track of EVERYTHING to do with my schedule – I will go into more detail about the importance of this app next …
  4. Dropbox: This app is beyond uselful!! I use this to keep ALL of my documents and photos organized!!! I have seperate folders for individual projects and can also share ALL of it with others in matters of seconds!! It’s super user friendly and it swiftly syncs with your phone … no brainer!!
  5. Sprout: Oh my gosh…where do I begin with this one?!?! This is the app where we track ALL things Leo!!!! From feedings, pumping, sleep, naps, growth and milestones … this app makes it sooo handy for us to stay on top of everything and to track patterns and trends with our little Lion.

2) Schedule, schedule, schedule: Schedule. Everything. This includes YOU time. Block out time in your schedule to spend time with your family, to eat, get ready for your day, SLEEP … the list goes on. I even block out time in my day to “feed Leo”. This allows me to get everything done and it also works as a great reference so that I can get everything done in a timely manner. If it’s not in my iCal it’s PROBABLY not happening that day lol!!!


3) Don’t let your emails build up: Seriously … just the thought of this makes my palms sweat. I like to have a rule that I have 50 emails MAX in my inbox, I consider this my “safe zone”, this is a manageable amount of emails to handle. As soon as my inbox gets ignored for too long the number of emails starts to creep up well beyond my safe zone and the panic starts to set in. If need be I will schedule time during the weekend so I can fly through my emails, once I respond to them, I sort them into dedicated folders and if they no longer need follow-up, trash ’em!

Tip: Work from the bottom up when responding to your emails … that way you deal with the old ones first!


4) Make sure to eat properly: Life can get so busy that sometimes we opt for unhealthy meals based solely on convenience … this is a habit that needs to be kicked to the curb! I know that if I don’t get filling, nutrient-packed meals I feel groggy and it puts me in a crappy mood, which is never good!! Make sure to fuel your body, don’t treat it as a waste bin! Oh, and make sure to drink PLENTY of water, not only will your skin thank you, but you will be more productive when you’re properly hydrated!!


5) Have a tidy workspace: As you all know … I’m a clean freak, especially when it comes to my workspace. I need things in their proper spot and a tidy working area because when my workspace is cluttered, my mind is cluttered!!!  I also like to avoid paper whenever I can, a paperless office is prime for me but it can be hard to do at times so it’s always nice to have those papers filed properly and easy to find if you need them.

What are your favourite tips for staying organized?? Share them with me in the comments below …


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  1. Love this– Thanks for the tips with which apps to use! I run a business from home and have our 4th babe on the way so I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to be more efficient!!!

  2. I use Stocard to store all of my membership cards (except Costco!) in my phone rather than consuming my wallet!

  3. Hey,
    just wondering if that little white/cream book with your initials on it, is an agenda? if so where is it from. its so cute!

  4. My twin sister and I run our own mortgage business and also use Dropbox and iCal and LOVE them! We are always on the lookout for new ways to be more efficient and organized, really enjoyed this blog ? Already downloaded this new Wunderlist app and I’m stoked to check it out. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. the fact that you think it is acceptable for someone to voluntarily have full sexual intercourse with a minimum or two different men …. or defend same is very disappointing and simply a desperate sense of one self. this shows through your chosen lifestyle in having no proper order with regard to having a child…. with no commitment at any level. not a promise ring… no engagement… no marriage. i am sorry for you. i know you will respond defensively… which i would too if i were you. but i really do think you are super cute, cool and sweet. any man who would not want to formally make you his forever , does not deserve you or your dna….. just a thought. best to you and your life endeavors.

    1. Hmm…good thing no one asked your opinion on this matter ?. You have no idea what two people have promised each other and being married or having a ring doesn’t mean commitment. To suggest that someone doesnt deserve their DNA is ridiculous and ignorant. All that matters is two people love & respect each other and love & care for their babe…everything else will follow. Ah people like you are so annoying lol!

    2. I suggest you keep your negative comments to yourself. If you don’t approve of Jillian then stop reading her blog. You are the one that should feel shame for trying to shame someone else. It’s pathetic!

    3. Hey, hold on there CRAZYLADY! What gives? You know you really sound like one of those women you hear about who spends far too much time poking in other people’s business and not enough time in her own! So, beb, go ahead and treat yourself to a peppermint mocha and a manicure and leave Jillian alone!!! (I never comment on stuff like this, but I couldn’t pass this up!) Oh and it’s really rich how you said all of that ridiculously mean stuff and then ended with “Best and yadayadayada…….!”

    4. Ugh less judgement more love. She is obviously very happy and in love with her family. Don’t use societal creations to measure self-worth and happiness. Your need to judge and bring her down demonstrates your own unhappiness deep down. Live and let live. I’ll send some peace out into the universe for you. Poor thing.

  6. Jillian, I love your blog, your honesty, your recommendations and your style. Thanks for introducing me to Wunderlist. I think this will really help me and my husband be more organized. 🙂 Have a great day!!

  7. Hey!

    Can you tell me where you found those thin black velvet hangers for your closet please?


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