5 Spooky Home Decor Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is only a few weeks away so if you’re looking for a few simple ways to spook-ify your home then you’re in the right place! Today, I have 5 terror-ific ways to decorate your home that are not only simple, but they’re also creepy … and they just so happen to be some of my favourite Halloween decor go-to’s!

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Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips

1. Crows

Crows are fun to decorate with because you can put them absolutely ANYWHERE and they give off such an eerie vibe! You can hang them from your lights, place them strategically on your shelves, attach them to mirrors and art, etc. I love placing them all around the house!

Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips

2. Skulls & Bones

Skulls are perfectly creepy! You can fill decorative bowls with skulls and bones and stage them on tables, mantles, and shelves! Better yet, invest in an entire fake skeleton and set him up on your front porch or on a chair in your dining room! I have also found this Skull Container from Wayfair that is perfect to show case some candy in!

Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips

3. Lanterns & Candles

What better way to set the tone than to dim the lights in your home and have a ton of flickering candles lighting up your boo-tiful decor?! My favourite way to hauntingly light up the house is with candelabras! I also like to line my front steps with lanterns! How creepy and fun are these candlesticks that are shaped like a skull and skeleton?!

Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips

4. Giant Spiders

I think keeping the outdoor decor simple yet unnerving is key! I have a massive black spider I like to attach to the exterior of our home and surround it with fake webbing! I even brought this monster spider inside one year and put it above our fireplace!

Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips

5. Tombstones

Speaking of unnerving … what’s more unnerving than walking up to a home with tombstones scattered throughout the yard?! These tombstones are so quick to put up and I think they look chillingly awesome!!  This Chalkboard Tombstone from Wayfair is awesome because you can write your own message on it which I think is super fun!

Jillian Harris 5 Halloween Decor Tips-4

What are some or your go-to’s when it comes to Halloween decorating??



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