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5 Steps To Summer Prep

Ahhhhh my favourite season is finally in the air … SUMMER!!!! Now that it’s May, the rush to prep for summer is upon us!! That means there’s only a few months before it’s full on bikini season and time to feel good and look good from the inside out. BEFORE I was pregnant I would do the same thing to prep every year … this time it’s a little bit trickier and I can’t follow ALL of the steps so I’ve cut it down to make it achievable for everyone. I am trying my best to get my booty to barre class twice a week, take my vitamins religiously and fill my body with as many nutrients and greens as I possibly can to grow a healthy little babe inside of me. I have been feeling fresh and energized these days and thought I would share with you my classic 5 steps to summer prep. You can do ALL of these if you’re not pregnant and make some adjustments if you are …

1. Cleanse Your Body:  Shay recently did the Krokodile Pear x Culver City Salad collaboration cleanse and absolutely loved it! It was a great reset to kill the bad cravings and replace them with greens and nutrients. I can’t wait to try this one when I’m not pregnant because you actually get to CHEW with two salads a day being included in the cleanse! If you are a beginner cleanser … this one would be a great start especially to get jump start the beach bod!!! If you ARE pregnant like me … just try adding in more juices and green salads into your daily routine …


2. Work Out: Try to get your body moving and working out a minimum of two times a week. Three times a week and you’ll start seeing results they say!!! But I guess the more the better. I have started taking barre classes at The Dailey Method and absolutely love it!!! It’s a short but intense burn and a great workout for prenatal or not. If you are a beginner or expert at working out, barre is a great place to get toned and long lean muscles for the summer.


3. Drink Your Collagen: Get your body glowing for summer by starting your mornings off by adding in a package of TruMarine Collagen into your morning coffee, tea, water or juice. These little packets are jam packed full of ingredients to improve your hair, skin, nails and joints!!! The little packs make it quick and easy if you’re like me and are always on the go to get the collagen you need into your body.


4. Pamper Yourself:  Every change of season calls for a facial to get rid of the dead and dry skin … ESPECIALLY leaving the winter months and heading into summer. You might see a shift in your skin and some breakouts starting to happen. This is the perfect time to get in for a dermaplanning facial (my FAV) at Project Skin MD. While you’re there, stock up on some face cream with SPF in it to protect your skin all summer long.


5. Purge your closet: I do this every few weeks because I’m always buying new clothes for filming and the blog. But for most people … I would say every season is sufficient. If you haven’t worn something in over a year why not bring it to a consignment store and make some money off of it instead!!! I bring all of my stuff to the Main Exchange in Vancouver … it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you saw me wearing something that you loved … and then there’s room in your closet AND wallet for a few new items!!!


Follow all of these steps and you will feel prepped and ready for the summer ahead …




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  1. Love it! I really enjoyed the Krokodile Pear “cleanse” and although I didn’t stick to it 100%, I feel like it’s a nice way to get your nutrients by incorporating it into your daily routine. XOXO

  2. Hi there do you know if the true collagen powder is safe to take while nursing? So excited to try it !

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