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5 Tips To Boot Shopping

I have finally found my booties for the season!!! I’ve already been wearing them on a daily basis (if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve already seen them). But … they gave me the idea to write a blog about HOW I shop for boots and what I look for. SO without further ado … these are the 5 key things I look for when shopping for the perfect pair of booties:

  1. First and foremost, they need to fit and be comfortable
  2. They also need to have the perfect sized heel – not too high and not too flat, but just right
  3. Quality is always important because they need to stand the test of time so you can wear them season after season
  4. They need to be a neutral colour so that they match everything
  5. The height of the actual boot is also important. They can’t be too short or too tall … they need to be a happy medium so you can wear them with everything from dresses, to pants, to shorts …

These babies check all these boxes for me. Oh, and the best part …. they are ethically made in Mexico and designed here in CANADA by my good friends at Poppy Barley. I met these ladies a few years ago for coffee and they still cease to amaze me with their dedication to the industry and their unique creations … uncompromised style, unreal comfort, unmatched quality (pretty much EVERYTHING a momma-to-be wants on her feet). Poppy Barley is creating a new standard in the footwear industry by rethinking every step of traditional and mass manufacturing. I love supporting them whenever I can and suggest you do the same!!!

If you’re wondering what or HOW to wear little booties like this, you can really wear them with anything!! My personal prego preference lately is with a cute pair of skinny jeans or leggings in the spring. But I will definitely be switching to shorts and dresses in the summer.

Poppy Barley Jilly Boots Poppy Barley Jilly Boots Poppy Barley Jilly Boots Poppy Barley Jilly Boots

If you’re in Vancouver and want to check out these gorgeous girls and their gorgeous shoes … they have a pop-up shop coming up that is totally worth checking out…

When: Thursday, April 28th  to Saturday, April 30th
Where: Nicole Bridger Flagship (14 Water Street, Vancouver) in Gastown
To Book an Appointment: Head Here

What are your must-haves when it comes to boot shopping?? Let me know in the comments below … Oh and make sure to check back tomorrow for all the details and a special sale on the outfit I’m wearing!!



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  1. I’ve read a couple post about your veganish lifestyle and wearing cruelty free makeup. How do you cope with keeping up a fashion blog that exists on leather handbags, shoes, etc.? Maybe I don’t quite understand leather making but I was under the impression many would consider the process some form of cruelty to animals.

  2. These are so cute! I am more of a sandal and flats kinda girl but love a good pair of comfortable booties! I am amazed at how people feel the need to put others down for their choices. If you do not agree with them then move on. Hate will get you nowhere people!

  3. My intention was never meant to be hateful. I don’t know why asking a question came off as hateful. Is it because I said veganish? I thought she said something of that nature when describing her food preference. I was asking as I genuinely am curious into her thoughts as she is a fashion blogger.

  4. I applaud you for your compassion for animals and to try your best to take animal products and by-products our of your diet. But since you started this “veganish”diet for ethical reasons I would have thought you would have taken he leather/suede/fur out of your fashion as well. Look up how leather is made and the cruelty involved, it is horrific 🙁 I wish you nothing but well wishes on your journey to a vegan lifestyle <3

  5. “Ethically Made” they are talking about the conditions for the employees, like good wages, vacation pay, benefits, clean facilities, drinking water etc. Not one mention of animals on their website that I could see at all! There is no such thing as ethically taking the skin off an animal that wanted to live just like your dog does, sorry hun! 🙁

  6. I think you need to give her a break and keep your comments to yourself, like she said she is NOT perfect and is trying her best. No one likes a bully!

  7. Jillian, I think you might be missing the point of all the people who seem to be freaking out about this. I just looked at your instagram for this post, and the post you just had on the sandwich, where there are a lot of people criticizing you. I get that it sucks to be criticized, and I also get that you think you are doing a really good thing and that people should focus on the positive changes you’ve made, not all the things that you could do better at. But the point is that your original blog post about all of this (that you appear to have edited, actually, along with a few other posts) has “vegan-ish” in the title. So do many of your other blog posts. So does the post that Erin Ireland wrote for your blog. There are so many references here on your blog and throughout your other social media accounts to you being “vegan-ish”. And so you know what? It is absolutely correct and legitimate for people to point out that a) there is no such thing as “vegan-ish” or being a “part-time” vegan (that veganism isn’t a fad diet or trend, that it’s a word that BY DEFINITION means a diet with no animal products. None) and b) that someone who associates themselves with the term vegan is being a flaming hypocrite and likely insulting huge swaths of people when they do things like posting recipes that contain animal products, posting pictures and videos of themselves smiling while holding animal carcasses, and posting instructions on how to buy their expensive boots and purses made out of dead animals. Despite the fact that there is increasing criticism around you using this term, you continue to insist on various defences like “I’m not perfect” and “I’m doing my best” and “I’m doing more than most people”. Why not just write a blog post admitting that you were wrong to associate your move towards locally-sourced, organic animal products and a more plant-based diet with “veganism”, that you’re sorry, and that the topic is closed? Why are you so insistent on holding onto this term? I mean, alternatively, stop reacting with shock and surprise every time someone calls you out on what is very, very clearly misinformed, uneducated, hypocrisy. It is ok that you are not very smart and clearly lack any sort of formal education (seriously, how many people who live in British Columbia make it to your age without knowing how their food is produced, how animals are treated, etc? That’s just ignorance). But your reaction to what are very legitimate complaints makes it pretty obvious that you don’t have anyone running PR for you or managing your social media accounts, because the more you stamp your foot about how amazing you are for these changes you’re making, and that we should all celebrate you for all the good you are doing for all the animals, and oh also we should buy Arnold bread and Poppy Barley boots, the more ridiculous you look.

    And finally, you’re absolutely right. If someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, they don’t have to follow you. At this point, I’m actually ONLY “following” to see your petulant reactions every time someone says something that doesn’t fit your own bloated self image. Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I think it’s kind of entertaining to watch someone who’s not very bright try to “educate” others. And I think that’s what your blog and your instagram have become at this point.

    1. Omg. Lol. This ^^^ is everything. When this whole thing started with Jillian’s veganish post, I tried to suggest “plant-based” as maybe a better, less-offensive term. It obviously didn’t stick. Jillian, I have to say: your response to all of this criticism has most definitely turned me off. No longer a fan. No longer following.

  8. It’s so sad to read these hateful comments. People are entitled to express their own opinions, it’s just unfortunate when they use condescension to do so and put down others. People don’t become vegan from one day to the next do they? It’s a process (not an easy one) and I respect Jillian for choosing this path and sharing her journey with her readers. I don’t get the impression that Jillian is calling herself a vegan or assuming that she is now vegan from reading her blog. People giving her lip for “vegan-ish” seems a bit extreme. Why not use words of encouragement and support, and share tips instead? Writing insults is offensive and defeats the purpose. I believe that remaining respectful would go a long way and would ultimately be the best voice for the animals. Let’s spread compassion!
    Jillian, I enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your beauty, design, fashion and food tips to vegans, vegeterians and meat-eaters alike 😉

  9. Everyone chill the F&*% OUT!!! Just be happy! We are all titled to our own opinion but no need to say hurtful comments to get your point across. And if you want to stop following someone, then just unfollow. Don’t be dramatic and say “Sorry, not following you anymore”. Grow up everyone. Respect each other. Peace, Deuces, We out!


    wonder how many hateful comments will pop up here. To EACH THEIR OWN. stop acting so incredibly pretentious and let people live their life how they see fit. Regardless if they are in the spotlight or not. It is everyone’s own life to live and by hiding behind a computer screen saying how much you hate someone for not being a vegan is absolutely ridiculous. GET OFF your high horse and start living life with more acceptance and love.

  11. I loved your blog when you were pregnant… but I skimmed over most bc I was struggling w/ fertility. (but I’ve always still followed) However, now I am heading into my second trimester so I wanted to go back and search maternity style, baby shower etc… and found all these negative comments about your vegan-ish life and OMG why are people so awful. You do you girl! Any small change you make for the better is amazing and be proud of that. One day I’ll eat vegan, one day plant based and heck, one day I’ll eat a rib eye from Ruth’s Chris. I try every day to do something positive in this world. I am just here to say I support you mama!

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