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7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate your Home this Christmas

Deck the halls with bows of holly FA LA LA LA LA LA … okay okay … I’m done LOL!!! How in the world did Christmas sneak up on us so fast?!?! I feel like it’s been such a late start for me this year … I haven’t started decorating my OWN home yet and I’m telling YOU how to decorate LOL!!! Anywho … I know this time of year can end up feeling like a never ending money pit but there certainly are ways to cut the costs and save over the holidays and one of them includes budget-friendly decorating!!!

I’ve come across some pretty cute and cost effective decorating ideas and wanted to share them with you in addition to some of my favourite ways to decorate your home for the holidays that look like you’ve splurged without having to spend big money to make your home look cozy and festive this holiday season!! Let’s kick this off with DIY decorations … not only does this make for a fun family tradition but it’s also a really great excuse to get a little crafty and get your creative juices flowing …

1. DIY Ornaments: For starters, there are the MOST adorable DIY Ice Cream Cone ornaments over on Lauren Conrad’s blog … these would be perfect to make with your girlfriends one night over a bottle (or two … or three …) of wine!!! How fun would it be if everyone made one that represented themselves and you all swapped?!?! You would have a little reminder of your BFF’s on your tree every year!!!! CUTE!!!


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2. Burlap & Ribbon: I love using burlap and pretty ribbon for all things Christmas. You can use it for almost anything … wrap it around the bottom of your tree as a tree skirt, use it as ribbon for your tree, or make super cute chain links out of it. Plus you can OF COURSE use it for your Christmas wrapping!! The beautiful thing about burlap and ribbon is that it can be used over and over and over again for ALL occasions and it makes anything just that little bit more pretty!!!


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3. Throws and Pillows: A really simple and quick way to cozy up any room of your home over the holidays is to add in decoctative throws and pillows!! Now is the time to add in those pops of colours like dusty pinks, reds, minty blue, and of course golds and metalics. One of my PERSONAL favs for the holidays is a faux fur in BOTH pillows and throws!! Nothing beats cuddling up under a warm throw over the holidays and sipping on some hot coco.
jillian-harris-faux-throws4. Candles: Do you have a wood burning fireplace in your home but don’t like to use it because of how messy it can be to clean up?? Try adding some candles in the fireplace … candles create the soothing effect of a fire without the mess!!!! Also add candles throughout your home , on the dining table, side tables and anywhere else that may need “cozying” up.
jillian-harris-christmas-candles 5. Bring The OUTSIDE In: The options are endless when bringing the outside indoors for decor. Spruce and Fir bows can be used to make wreaths or to add a POP of greenery to your railings, fireplace mantle, and dining table. You can also tie in eucalyptus and pine cones in amongst the bows. Birch logs can be staged in your fireplace and around your home for a woodsy feel … and the best part?? They’re FREE!!!!

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6. Use Baked Goods: Not only do they make your house smell amazing AND taste great, they also look so adorable plated around the home. You can mix it up with pretty decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread men … they are also on the ready if you feel a little peckish too … LOL!!!!


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7. Make some Holiday Potpourri: This is the BEST way to make your home smell just like Christmas!! All you have to do is combine a few simple ingredients together, put them all in a pot and simmer in water on your stovetop. Your home will smell amazing for hours and hours!! For the full recipe click here!!


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I know that not everyone likes to DIY and sometimes it’s nice to purchase pretty things for the holidays and spoil yourself a little, if this sounds more like you, don’t worry, I also have a dedicated Holiday Decor page on my website that includes a ton of my favourite items that are holiday decor ready!!!

What are your favourite and inexpensive ways to decorate your home for the holidays?? Comment below!!!

Happy holidays my loves!!!!



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  1. I love it! I wish I had millions to fly you to Utah and have you decorate my house for Christmas, or actually just everyday… You’re amazing!

  2. Where do you get your energy? A baby, job, blogging, a dog, a man, and you always look great even in no makeup and sweats!

  3. Really nice blog, through this blog i get some ideas about room decorating. This new year i am planning to decorate my walls with some painting. I know a good web site which is doing awesome Japanese calligraphy art know as Sumigraphy website (U-CAN Americas, Inc.).Hope it will help me and others.

  4. Christmas and new year are approaching and this article really help me to decorate a beautiful design at low cost. I will follow some of your ideas and soon create a blissful and joyful design.

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