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7 Tips To Find The Perfect Diaper Bag

When picking a diaper bag I tried and tested SO many different ones before finding the one that I love. I’m not a HUGE purse girl and I always have a hard time finding one that I like that matches all of my outfits and any occasion. Make it a diaper bag and it makes it just that little bit harder as it requires a FEW more necessities!!!!! For starters, I wanted it to be functional yet still be able to pass as just a typical purse. You know how some you can TELL are a diaper bag???? I knew I didn’t want that!!!

Diaper bags are important if you’re a new mama and I needed to find one to be as organized as possible. I am so much more calm and relaxed when my life is in order. Follow along below as I walk you through my 7 key things that I looked for to find the perfect diaper bag …


7 Key Things to Look For To Find The Perfect Diaper Bag:

  1. First and foremost it needs to be functional … as much as I care about what it looks like, it also needs to serve its purpose and that’s to keep Leo’s diapers organized (and so much more lol)!!!
  2. I always lean towards simplicity which is why I loved the looks of the Barrington Gifts St. Anne Diaper tote bags.
  3. I tend to have an issue with the SIZE of purses … the bigger the better for me so that I can fit everything in one place!!! I love that this one fits pretty much everything …
  4. Of course, it needs to match my everyday outfits and any occasion. Wherever I am with Leo … this bag will be too!!! I wanted something that could pass as just a “purse” and not look like a diaper bag.
  5. The fabric of the bag is important. I knew I didn’t want leather or something that would stain, the fabric needed to be durable and water resistant so that I could wipe it down when it gets dirty!!!
  6. It’s important that the bag has separate compartments and zippers to store things and keep the bag organized. If it doesn’t make sure you get a divider to put inside!!!
  7. It’s a total bonus if it has matching travel cases … am I the only one that LOVES matching accessories??? I loved all of the different options that Barrington Gifts had to offer … including the duffle bag and the accessory case. I put my makeup in the accessory case and love that it matches when I throw it in the diaper bag on the go … and that everything will match when I travel!!! Not to mention everything has my initials … making it just that little bit harder to lose lol!!!!
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Diaper Bag | Accessory Pouch | Overnight Duffle Bag

What are your tips when looking for a diaper bag??? I’d love to hear in the comments below …



Thank you Barrington Gifts for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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  1. First a diaper bag has to have an easily accessible change pad. This is to protect the baby from whatever is on the changetable. It can be wiped.
    The bigger the bag the more weight you shift around when your baby doubles and triples his birth weight. The backpack ones work well here. Unless your baby is on your back. Then I would say pack light for a shoulder bag.

  2. I did the same and searched for a good (not too big) bag that was not actually a diaper bag. Love this one you picked. I will say that in about 10/11 months, you’ll likely want to switch to a backpack. As soon as Leo becomes more mobile – you’ll find it hard to balance everything with a shoulder bag and chase after him and pick him up. Good thing are are so many cute backpack options these days too! Also, I’d love to know what you think of the bunny lamp from Anthro? I’m expecting baby #2 and would love to use it in the nursery but it has very mixed reviews. Is it just painted plastic? Thanks!

  3. I tried several diaper bags and they all seem bulky. Finally i sewed my own. Very basic with two compartments one side is my “purse” one side my diaper bag. Everything is in one place I love it!!

  4. Hey Jillian! How is the Barrington tote still working out for you? I’m in the process of shopping for a diaper bag and really considering this style if it’s durable, functional and still has style. Does it have a closure at all?

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