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8 NEW Fall-Inspired Prints That Will Transform Your Space This Autumn!

One of my all-time favourite seasons is Fall, from the crisp autumn air to the crackling fire and everything in between! What better way to welcome autumn than by releasing eight brand NEW Jilly Digital Fall-inspired prints!?

Team Jilly and I have been working so hard behind the scenes on these Fall prints, and Shauna (our new graphic designer) brought them all to life and totally killed it! Today, Iā€™m so excited to reveal our eight new prints and our inspiration behind each one with you below!

1. Wild At Heart

First things first, we had SO many of you asking for the digital Wild At Heart print, and while the red and neutral prints were exclusive to the Jilly Box, we couldn’t help but bring back the digital version in a Fall-inspired colour, mustard!

2. The Busy Bee

Have you ever wondered why you see more bees in the Autumn? It’s because they are busy collecting all of the nectar they need for the Winter months. There is just something about bees that are so mesmerizing to me especially since owning our farm, and Shauna did a beautiful job with this hand-drawn sketch.

3. Root Veggies

For those of you that have been following me for a while, know that I LOVE gardening and there is just something about fresh veggies and the crisp air that gets me in the mood to cook up a storm.

4. Horticulture

If I had to name one thing that I loved most about owning a farm it would be the art of horticulture, and something that takes years of trial and error to get right. And of course, an ode to my Boomba, she absolutely loved all things mushrooms!

Fall-Inspired Horticulture Print

5. Misty Mornings

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than waking up before everyone else, pouring yourself a warm cup of coffee, and sitting outside on a chilly autumn morning!

Fall-Inspired Digital Prints

6. Dancing in The Rain

Nothing screams Fall quite like a pair of rubber boots! And how cute is this painting that Shauna recreated from this photo!?

Digital Fall-Inspired Prints to Refresh Your Space

7. Fall Feelings

Absolutely, all of my favourite things about Fall in one print, and mulled wine of course! šŸ˜‰

Jillian Harris' New Fall-Inspired Print Collection


Last but not least, we couldn’t release a Fall print collection without including one of our original prints. LOVE, the world can be such an uncertain place, especially right now, so harness love with everything that you do!

Jillian Harris' New Fall-Inspired Prints

There you have it, our eight brand new prints for Fall! Plus, make sure to keep your eye out as we may be releasing a set of spooktacular prints just in time for my favourite holiday!



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