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8 Spooktacular-ly Cute Baby Costumes

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?!?! And one of my favorite times of year at that! The air is crisp, the candy drawer is stocked and the house is decked out in ghoulish decor. But this year is a little different … I am SO excited because Justin and I also get to dress up Leo!! No more trying to think of funny couples costumes … now we get to focus on our little Leo!!!

But seriously, just when I thought Leo (and every other little babe) couldn’t get any CUTER … Halloween rolls around!!! As I sit here with my coffee in hand in search of Leo’s first Halloween costume (that’s so crazy, his FIRST Halloween!!!!), I’ve found myself totally wrapped up in cuteness OVERLOAD and I knew I had to share the most adorable baby costumes that I’ve found with you. Are you ready?!?! …

1. Bat Wings | 2. Bat Decor | 3. Lion Costume | 4. Halloween Two-Piece | 5. Mermaid Costume | 4. Unicorn Horn | 6. Dentures | 7. Lobster Costume

The first two costumes below really stood out to me because I love, love, LOVE the fact that the carrier is incorporated into these costumes!!! What a great way to dress up Mom and Dad along with baby!! Not to mention, this would be comfortable for everyone and oh so, cozy (and warm) for baby! I mean, how CUTE would Justin and Leo be dressed up as a rainbow and a unicorn?!

halloween baby-costumes photo credit 1| photo credit 2

The next two costumes are (again) incredibly sweet, the main reason I love THESE is the fact that they can both easily be made at home … (because all of us new Moms have time for that right?!). Ok … maybe that’s a little ambitious, but needless to say, it shouldn’t take too long to make these … and it’s well worth it!

baby costumes for halloween photo credit 1 / photo credit 2 

Next up is one of my faves … because who doesn’t LOVE a good game of Mario Kart!?! I don’t know about you, but Princess Peach was always my first pick … and Toad was a close second!! This mommy/baby costume is pretty darn cute if you ask me. And I think the next one speaks for itself, because … who doesn’t love sriracha and tacos?!?! (drool…anyone else hungry?! Lol!)

mommy-and-baby-costumes photo credit

Ok … the next few … I’m squinting my eyes trying to write this as I am laughing so hard. My stomach is starting to cramp, I cannot get enough of these! Yes, they would work better for a toddler but I can’t help but show you … LOL!!!!

baby-costumes-17photo creditlittle_old_man7photo credit 1 | photo credit 2

I am STILL laughing lol!!!! Alright, last but CERTAINLY not least … You didn’t really think I was going to forget about a ferocious lion, did you?!?! (come on!) Can we just take a moment to soak in all of this cuteness here?!?! My heart is exploding!

photo credit

What will you be dressing your little one up as this Halloween? Comment below and share your ideas with everyone!

Happy early Halloween, my little ghouls, and goblins!


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  1. My little girly wants to be a witch this year! But she insist she’s going to be a pretty witch and not a bad witch lol

  2. My 4 month old is going to be just wearing a fuzzy warm pumpkin sleeper, and my 4year old is going to be a dinosaur! We are leaving Halloween night for our trip so didn’t go all out on the costume. When my oldest was 2 I had a custom made costume made for him of zuma from the show paw patrol, that has been my favorite costume yet!

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