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8 Things You Might Not Know About Justin Pasutto!

Today is a very special day, it’s Justin’s birthday!! His past two birthdays have been spent locked up at the house, so this year we decided to take a little trip to Arizona. For those of you that don’t know, my parents have a house down here, and they’ve been gone for a few months, so this trip is just what we all needed! So in honour of Justin’s birthday, I thought I would share a few things about him that you may not know. And if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure he would love it if you popped over to his Instagram and wished him a happy birthday!

1. Justin was a professional snowborder!

When Justin was in high school he was an amazing rugby player and snowboarder. It came to a point where he needed to choose one sport and give all of his energy to it. So, he chose to pursue snowboarding because it was his dream to make it to the Olympics. After a few rough injuries from snowboarding, he ended up retiring from the sport.

2. He just launched his very own website and business

This past year Justin launch his very own business, Pasutto Media, website and started pursuing influencing full-time! This year, he also launched his very first collaboration with CDN, and the hoodies are my absolute favourite. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished in this last year and I can’t wait to see what unfolds for him in 2022.

3. He is primarily vegan

A few years ago, Justin and I went plant-based (before Annie was born!). I have veered occasionally when I have a craving for meat, but Justin is primarily vegan. He will sometimes eat fish, depending on where it’s from, but other than that he is 100% plant-based!

4. He’s a night owl

Justin is an absolute night owl, he can stay up until about 3 am! I am the complete opposite and fall asleep usually around 7:30 pm LOL.

5. He loves golf

If you follow him on Instagram, you might have seen that he was out on the golf course just the other weekend. It used to bug me when he would go golfing twice a weekend because he would be gone all day. But it’s something he loves so much, and you just can’t be annoyed with something that makes your S/O so happy!

6. He’s OBSESSED with his tractor

For a while, Justin was using the very old tractor that came with the farm. But practically every time he would go to start it, it would pop-a-wheely… so, we invested in a Kubota and I’m so happy we did. If I can’t find Justin, the first place to look is at the farm on his tractor 😂

Justin Pasutto smiling in his Kubota tractor at the flower farm

7. He is a know-it-all when it comes to gut health

When it comes to gut health, Justin knows just about everything there is to know! He is fascinated by probiotics, prebiotics, growing his own sprouts and so much more.

8. He is an amazing dad

Last but certainly not least, Justin is an amazing dad to Leo and Annie! He is so patient when it comes to teaching them a new skill like snowboarding, and watching him become a father has been one of my favourite things!

There you have it, 8 things you might not have known about Justin on his 34th birthday!! 🎉

Love you, babe!


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