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A Behind the Scenes Look at Our First Flower Harvest and Event!

For those of you who were following along as the chaos unfolded around our very first floral event, you would have seen half of the team at my house helping me fulfill a few partnership obligations and you would have seen the rest of the team over at the farm, picking and bundling bouquets for the event later that evening. To say it was a jam-packed day would be an understatement. In fact, it was probably one of the busiest days in Team Jilly history! So, I thought I would take you behind the scenes of this record-breaking day and share exactly how we pulled it off!

Team Jilly's First Successful Flower Event


First things first, you’re probably wondering how the heck this flower truck even came to be… Well, after a long shoot day, I invited the girls to stay to have an end-of-day cocktail, one thing led to another, and before I knew Rachelle convinced Justin and I to let her convert Justin’s old Scrub Captain work truck into our very first flower truck! It took weeks of organizing, finding the perfect shade of pink 🤪, and her driving the truck back and forth from the shop. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Rachelle I would have been selling flowers on the side of the road! LOL! I am just SO grateful she agreed to take this project on.

Morning Schedule

Before the team even began cutting flowers, Shay and Mindy joined me over at the house for our Jilly Box monthly meeting (I know, of all days … we scheduled this meeting for then! LOL!) and a few other meetings that we needed to be a part off. Once we wrapped all of our calls around 10:30 (luckily we finished early!) we were ready to start filming and shooting some content for upcoming partnerships.

Afternoon Schedule

While Shay, Mindy, Rachelle, Emi, and I worked on our partnership obligations, Abbi, Cynthia, Doortje, and Yolanda from Farm and Flower Co. were down at the farm cutting flowers and organizing bouquets for The Bliss Market that evening. Can you talk about chaos!? I was SO grateful to have Yolanda’s help down at the farm training the girls on all of the proper flower cutting and wrapping techniques … these ladies sure wear many hats, let me tell ya!

Team Jilly Cutting Flowers for the Flower Event
Team Jilly Harvesting Flowers for The Flower Event
Team Jilly Prepping for the Flower Event
Yolanda From Farm and Flower Co

Evening Schedule

I, honest to goodness, thought that I would be able to wrap up all of my partnership obligations around 3:30 and head straight down to the farm … but that obviously didn’t happen! LOL! We finished just in the nick of time to head down to the farm and pick up FIFTY-FIVE bouquets (that the girls had put their blood, sweat, and tears into… well, not actually, LOL) to take them to The Bliss Market and get everything set up for the evening.

We loaded up my truck, and funny enough, the back of my Lincoln Navigator fits exactly fifty-five bouquets, not one more and not one less … talk about meant to be! The rest of the girls drove to the event, and Rachelle had the wonderful task of driving the flower truck to The Bliss Market… lets just say it sure is pretty, but by no means is it easy to drive. As soon as we all arrived at the event, we started unloading the truck, setting up the flower truck, and pricing each bouquet. The event could not have gone smoother without all of the help from the girls on Team Jilly, and we sold every last bouquet!!

DIY Flower Truck
Jillian Harris First Flower Event and Harvest
Jillian Harris' Flower Truck
The Bliss Market

While the Summer flower season is coming to an end, I seriously can’t wait to attend more events in 2022, in fact, I’ve already purchased almost all of our Spring and Summer flower seeds for next year! LOL! If you are interested to see what I picked up, make sure to check out our dedicated Flower Farm shop page!

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes content AND if you were lucky enough to score a bouquet at the event!


Jilly & Team Jilly

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  1. You and your team are amazing…Also your loving hubby❤️❤️
    It was wonderful reading how you and your team succeeded! Your flowers were loved🥰

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