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Mother’s Day Giveaway: A Heartfelt Thank You

Good morning my loves! This morning I wanted to take the time and chat a little bit about my recent Mother’s Day giveaway of Leo’s nursery items. First off, we chose a lovely, deserving mama and she is completely thrilled and so grateful for these items. While we received hundreds of nominations (more than we ever expected) there were SO MANY mamas that stood out to us and we went back and forth on so many times but our hearts kept coming back to her.

Let me tell you a little bit about her. I should mention here that I’m not going to mention any names for confidentiality purposes but I will tell you that she was nominated in a sweet email from her own mama. She’s a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet however she works more than full-time hours Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturdays as a nanny for a family of three and part-time for a family with an infant. She is currently in search of a new home for her and her soon-to-be babe but is finding it quite difficult to find something that fits with an already tight budget. In an email she wrote back to us after we let her in on this little surprise, she mentioned that receiving Leo’s nursery items has taken a huge financial stress off of her plate and she can now focus on her well-being. Needless to say, reading that email made our hearts just explode with gratitude and has made us feel so good about where Leo’s items are going.

leos-vancouver-nursery- leos-vancouver-nursery-wayfair leos-entire-vancouver-nursery

While originally I thought this giveaway was going to make me feel so incredibly happy, it honestly did the opposite. It hurt my heart so much knowing just HOW many amazing women (and men!) are out there that could really use a helping hand. I ended up thinking about all of the emails and nominations day and night, so much so that it was literally ALWAYS on my mind and I felt so sad every time I came back to them, there are so many different situations and tear jerking stories. I wish that I could help each and every person that was nominated!!

While this giveaway has taken me on a rollercoaster of emotions it has really opened up my eyes to the amount of people out there who could use a little extra help so the girls and I have started brainstorming ways we can help out MORE deserving mamas and dads!! But in the meantime, if you know of a mama in need, or if you had nominated someone for this giveaway, please know that there are helpful resources out there such as BabyGoRound and Mamas for Mamas … these are fantastic organizations who are there to help. Also, if you know of ANY helpful resources in YOUR community, please please share them with us in the comments section below. Likewise, if you have any gently used items, food donations, or cash donations you can always spread the love and donate to BabyGoRound or Mamas for Mamas, or any charity that you know of in your community!!

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to reach out and share stories of their loved ones, please know that you are all in our hearts!



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  1. Dear Jilly,

    I enjoy your posts and love your designs. Watch Love It or List It faithfully.
    Now I see that you also have the most beautiful heart!

  2. Hi Jillian,

    I have been following you since you were on the batch and just want to say that you such an inspiration! You are so generous giving away Leo’s nursery which would hold so many memories. Keep up all your great work! I’m sure the mama who is receiving the nursery is over the moon!

  3. Your heart is so full of love, you’re able to allow it to spill over and touch the hearts of others! Loving everything about this post/giveaway (and I don’t have kids). Thanks for being such a role model Jillian! ?

  4. That is awesome that you did this she must be so happy. I will be donating a lot of my items to these charities thank you for sharing these as I needed a place to donate. I have ALOT of stuff!
    You are very inspirational Jillian. Don’t let the haters get you down!

  5. Tears and heartfelt thanks to you Jillian, I will do anything I can to help those you do, Covenant House donation made me feel so darn good ❤️

  6. Calgary Mommas in need can check out Made by Momma:

    Our volunteer network of caring, compassionate supporters work together to provide practical peer-to-peer support with the following programs and services:

    Meal Support / Food Bank Services (prepared meals/baking, food hampers)
    Baby Essentials
    In-home family support
    Children’s Clothing Bank
    Children’s Book & Toy Bank
    Adopt-a-Momma for Christmas-Volunteer Program
    Sense of Community

  7. I volunteer for an organization called you can’t spoil a baby. We are based out of Winnipeg,mb are are purely volunteer and donation based. Mothers in need apply for a gift for they baby or soon to be baby and are placed on the wait list to receive a gift! The gift includes 1 large item the mother has requested (gift over 50.00 in value ex. Highchair, bassinet, swing), a few miscellaneous items and a set of clothing from newborn-18months. Volunteers range from drop off spots, gift makers and deliverers. Last month we hit 1000 gifts delivered. While I have not been volunteering with the organization since the beginning it was a wonderful milestone to hit. Unfortunately there is an average of 150 moms/dads on the wait list at a given time. And since we only work with donation how quickly we cut the waitlist down depends on how many donations we receive. Thanks for all you do, and he opportunity to share what our organization does to help!

  8. What an amazing gift you have given this momma to be! To be able to focus on herself and not be overcome with worry has to be such a relief. This is an issue that is near to my heart and one that too many women are going thru. I love that you are brainstorming with your girls! I’m from Chicago and would love to help out however I can should you ever want to collaborate ♥️

  9. You are such a great person! Especially for donating this. ❤️ I appreciate you replying to me too. Means you really read your fans mail.

  10. Jilly, my church here in Kelowna also serves families in need in Rutland, it is called the baby basket. They always have diapers, formula, wipes and a hug and warm smile. We call all be a part of making this world a little better to live in! Thanks for sharing!

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