A Week In My Closet – Week 10

Welcome back my loves to another week in my closet … it’s been a while!!! I didn’t want to miss this week because I thought every outfit was unique in it’s own way … the colours are perfect for the last month of summer and are a breathe of fresh air all together!! I hope that these outfit round ups inspire you to be creative with your own closet or find items to add in here and there. If you love my style and want to know all of the details from the outfits in my closet from the precious week then make sure to tune in here EVERY Saturday!!! If you want to know more information or have other fashion questions for me leave them in the comments below!!! I hope you enjoyed my closet this week as much as I did….

Photo 2015-06-23, 8 20 31 AM

Watch | Sunglasses

Photo 2015-06-24, 7 11 01 AM

Floral Dress | Heels | Clutch


Floral & Stripe Dress | Watch | Ring

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Denim Dress | Lace Up Heels | Clutch | Watch | Lipstick

IMG_0871 copy

Flowers | Balloon | Denim Shirt | White Jeans | Hat | Sandals

image002 copy

Watch | Glasses | Sweater | Thirsty Buddha

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Pink Skirt | White Tank | Sunglasses | Clutch

IMG_0868 copy

Floral Dress

IMG_0869 copy

Diamond Ring | Ear Climbers | Moonstone Open Ring | Polka Dot Dress

IMG_0870 copy

Necklace | Sweater | Sunglasses | Watch

IMG_3842 copy

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and have a GREAT long weekend!!!



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  1. Hi Jill! Your closet is AMAZING! I MUST know the company you used for your Quartz counters and the style name. I am obsessed and I cannot find these details anywhere. Please share

  2. Hi Jill! Your closet is AMAZING! I MUST know the company you used for your Quartz counters and the style name. I am obsessed and I cannot find these details anywhere. Please share

  3. Hi Jillian!
    Although I absolutely love your Fashion Closet and your TV show, this is nothing to do with your Fashion Closet, it has to do with LIOLIV!
    And please don’t get me wrong, I’m asking bcuz I wanna know, is there alot I don’t see? Like manners and being polite and appreciative?
    I ask, bcuz you seem really sharp and kinda arrogant and even mean towards Kenny, almost like how “most people” act when Fame & Fortune goes to their head! And bcuz I rarely or never hear you say Thank You or You’re Welcome! Plus, it seems that you are very demanding and or expecting waaay too much out of Kenny!
    The poor guy can only do so much, and it’s not his fault he runs into legitimate problems that must Legally get done, or he gets stuck with alot of extra hard work that seems unappreciated!
    And I know when things go wrong, (at neither of your faults), it also means you putting some or most of the clients $$$ towards that job or it means leaving projects completely off the list which isn’t good for you..
    But, it just seems you are, or can be sooo mean to Kenny! I’d like to hear a “Geez Kenny, that’s too bad you discovered this, but thanks for letting me know”, or “good thing you let me know. I’ll talk to the homeowners and see what they say..” Or… “Good thing you discovered this Kenny, what would I do without you..” Rather than, “oh great Kenny, now look at the problems you’ve created for me, you’ve just made a big mess of things!” OR “am I gunna have to get someone else to do the job right…”
    I know these aren’t exactly your words Jillian, but you say things pretty darn close to it and it breaks my heart when you talk down to Kenny or the show makes it appear that you do, bcuz he’s an extremely hard worker and I feel he deserves alot more positive praise for what he does for you!
    And again Jillian, please don’t take what I ask or say the wrong way! I luv you to dickens, but my heart breaks when I don’t see people showing appreciation or praise where it’s deserved! It’s not just you, but bcuz you are 1 of my favorite people, ever since The Bachelor and then the Bachelorette, I just wanna see you treating others a little bit nicer! And heck, who knows, maybe you do and it’s been edited out of the show? Thus why I asked in the beginning, “is there alot I don’t see?”
    I hope you’re not upset with what I’ve just said, but it’s been eating away at me for a long time now and I finally just had to mention it and ask.
    Take care and Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished up to now! You’re a Superstar and a very beautiful and talented home grown Canadian Girl and I’m happy that you’re from Vancouver BC…☺
    All the best to you in the future!
    Ciao Bella!!

    1. Kimberlee, its a show… its scripted! You cannot take how she talks and acts on the show to be who she really is…. the problems kenny runs into is all part of the show to add a dramatic effect… even the way she handles the circumstances is for DRAMA!!!!

  4. Hi Jillian. Fab by the way!!! You must post a tutorial on how to get the top knot. I try and try and it just turns into a messy bun which is great, but I would like to learn how to get the top knot, please and thanks!

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