A Week In My Closet – Week 40

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I’m kind of in love with all of the outfits on this week’s A Week In My Closet … everything is so bright and summery!! Especially my yellow ruffle one-piece … ughhhh it’s so freakin adorable and the best part is, it comes in 5 different colours!!

I’m sooo excited for this weekend!! We’re planning on taking it easy, getting a bunch of stuff done around the house and hopefully soaking up some of this Okanagan sunshine!! Last weekend was a busy one as the girls and I were away at the Half Corked Marathon in Osoyoos… running (ish), sipping on wine and indulging in amazing food! It was so much fun and a much needed mini vacay away!! However, it was soooo weird to be without Leo and Tori was without her little ones as well which TOTALLY felt odd for both of us!! LOL!! I hope you had the chance to follow along with us over on my Instagram stories, we had a blast! I mean … did you check out those headdresses?? LOL … we made them ourselves … we even had burnt fingertips as proof! Those hot glue guns are dangerous!! Lol.

Ps. For those of you who LOVE the pom pom sandals below, the last time I checked they were sold out BUTTT I found a VERY similar pair from Target at a lower price point!! Here’s the link! Take a look at them side by side below, almost identical right?! Other than the wonky sizing of the photos!! LOL!! LOVE THEM!

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff!!

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Dress | Clutch (Similar) | Sandals

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Swimsuit | Sunglasses

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Eyelet Ruffle Tank

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Tori’s Dress | My Dress (Similar) | Shay’s Dress (Similar) | Shay’s Sneakers | Mindy’s Dress

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet


Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Sunglasses | Clutch (Similar) | Dress | Sandals

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Sunglasses | Dress

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Sunglasses | Dress | Watch | Hair Ponytail | Clutch

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet


What are you guys getting up to this weekend?? Any fun plans? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. What lipstick are you wearing in the third picture from the bottom – the close up of you in the sunglasses? Love that shade!

  2. What are you wearing under your dress for the half corked? And where are the bracelets from?! ❤️ You’re the babest!!!

  3. Wow I just watched the clip from the Jillian and Justin show that will soon be airing this month. I am amazed at how real and honest both of you are. You share the good with the bad the happy and the sad. It’s real life drama. I think you both are very brave for sharing with the public and providing viewers with an honest account of what goes on in your lives. It’s not all glamorous! I look forward to watching your show and commend you both. Congratulations on little Leo and wishing you much success and more importantly, happiness.

  4. About 2 weeks ago you did an instastory from your car and you were wearing a pastel plaid/gingham shirt and what looked like a pink jacket over top…I’ve been waiting for you to link them but if you did I missed it, can you let us know where they were from? Thank you!!

  5. Went to the link for the white button down dr as but it doesn’t seem to be the right one! Ca you tell me where it’s from?!? And do the buttons actually u do in the front (need something that is nursing friendly!)

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