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A Week In Our Closet

We made it to the weekend!!! And I am FINALLY feeling like I am starting to get back on track with posting for you guys … slowly but surely!! I know how much you all love my weekly round ups of what’s in my closet and what I wore but I have been SO busy being a mama I haven’t had much time to focus on sharing my fashion with you. SOOOO I thought I would do it a little differently this time and mix it up with what I’ve been putting Leo in and what HE wore this week … mixed with me!!

With that said I am SO excited to start wearing normal clothes again. As much as I loved my maternity jeans for the comfort … I can’t wait to get my body back (hopefully lol) and start wearing non maternity items. When I was pregnant I never realized the importance of getting stocked up on nursing items (I don’t really know why I didn’t think about it lol??) … so all you pregnant ladies out there … start stocking up now because you won’t have time once your babe arrives. Thanks to a TON of your suggestions and some research of my own I have started to add some into my repertoire.  I can’t wait to start wearing them and start sharing them with you. Until then follow along for what was in mine and Leo’s closet this week …


Lemon Blanket | Happy Romper | Bee Hat | Teether


Leo’s Onesie (similar) | Camisole | Bed


Hat | Sunnies | Star Swaddle Blanket


Sandals (similar) | Dress | Hat | Denim Jacket (similar)


Hat | Dress | Stroller Canopy


Lion Bath Towel


T-shirt | Pants | Blanket | Sophie Giraffe


Star Swaddle


Joggers | Shoes | Jacket (Similar)


Have a great weekend everybody!!



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  1. Where did you get the sandals worn by you and Tori in the scrub captain photoshoot? I’m drooling over them from your snaps!


  2. So sweet! I’m pregnant and keeping the gender a surprise too! I’m dying not being able to do tons of shopping but I love it being a secret also. Did you buy a lot of neutrals before and just buy some boy things once he was born? Or did you buy some of each gender colours just in case??

  3. I agree. I totally forgot to get stocked up on nursing items. Now at two weeks postpartum, I’ve been living out of the same nursing tank and nursing sports bras. I just stocked up on a few more tanks and dress by Ripe. Thanks for your suggestions, too.

  4. Love all of your baby’s accessories, especially the lemon blanket and bumblebee beanie! Looks like you are really enjoying motherhood…Congrats!! I’ve just been there myself – my daughter is 23 months old now. It’s been quite an adventure!

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