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Ask Jillian: Venturing Into the Scarf World

My question is about accessorizing. I wear basic colors most often paired with dark denim jeans, or occasionally leggings. I’ve been wanting to dress up my look, but not at the expense of my comfortable casuals. I’m not really a big scarf person now, but I think I might like to venture out into the scarf world. What kinds of patterns and colors work with solid color clothing? How can you pull off scarves worn with tanks without looking like your confusing seasons? –Amanda Von

Thank you for this question Amanda! It made me laugh a little because one of my favorite things to do is “confuse seasons.” You’ll see me wearing heavy boots with sundresses and scarves with tanks all the time because in my mind your favorite things should be worn year round!

I think you’re right in that playing with accessories is an affordable and easy way to update your look without sacrificing the comfort of your wardrobe staples. Scarves are one of my favorite ways to do that because they can add so much texture, color and fun! You should definitely try pairing some fun patterned scarves with the solids in your wardrobe and if you’re feeling extra sassy, mix them with different patterns in the same color family. A black and white striped tee looks adorable with a black plaid scarf or a leopard print.

To get your creative juices going in the scarf department I found some of my favorite printed options right now: 6002282263_38d924cc49_b

1)Delia’s 2)Need Supply Co. 3)Forever 21 4)Topshop 5)Forever 21 6)Lucky Brand 7)General Pants Co. 8)Emilio Pucci

You really can’t go wrong in terms of which patterns to pick and I just suggest that you go with whatever you’re drawn to because your wardrobe should always brighten your mood and make you happy!

If you are worried about certain scarves looking out of season try sticking to lighter materials (like linen) in the warm months and heavy fabrics (like wool) when it’s cold.

In terms of what to wear your scarf with- I say go wild! Scarves look adorable with sundresses, jeans and a tee, maxi skirts and tanks, anything your heart desires. If you have a lighter silk scarf you can also wear it in your hair or tied around a handbag as a pop of color.

Are you into scarves? What’s your favorite way to wear them?



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  1. Hi Jilian,
    I love in Miami, born in Seattle, and I’m a huge fan of your genuine smile and great style. I watched love it or list it and I have a question. You were wearing a beautiful linen pale pink scarf with tassels. Can I ask you where you might have purchased this? Thank you in advance,
    Joy Lofgren

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