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My Bachelor In Paradise Recap: The Premiere We’ve Been Waiting For

Did you tune in to the two-part premiere of the Bachelor In Paradise?? If you missed it, it was on this Monday AND Tuesday!!

Ok, first off, I think we need to address the DeMario and Corinne ordeal right out of the gate as I know some of you are probably wondering my thoughts on it … I feel bad for both of them … it seems like it was a drunk situation that snowballed into something more. I don’t know Corinne but I heard she had a boyfriend?? Did she not?? And did she tell him that she wasn’t going to fool around?? Anyway … it’s hard having not been there and not knowing who and what to believe but I will say that I think it was great that Chris addressed it with the entire cast before they agreed to start filming again. I think that it’s an important topic to be brought to the surface no matter what happened between the two of them and that this talk should always happen BEFORE Bachelor In Paradise even starts rolling their cameras, the more it is talked about, the better, just for everyone’s safety.

Alright, let’s get right into it now … I’m totally LOVING the cast they selected for this season, there are sooo many great people and SO MANY great potential couples!! I do have one beef with the show so far though … WHYYYY in the world is Wells there bartending and off limits to the ladies?! He is so charming, cute and so so sweet and they are making him pour drinks and offer up advice?! WTF!! I need answers!! LOL! Is he in a relationship right now?? Is this a new twist to the show?? Or is he seriously just there to bartend?? TELL ME!!!

LOL!! Ok … enough of my Wells rant. Today I want to do something a little for this blog … I am going to go through the cast one by one to let you know my thoughts on them and share some of my predictions with you!!

Jiillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Raven: I feel like she has a new sense of independence to her, is it just me or does she seem more confident and outgoing this time around?? I have always loved Raven, she is such a sweetheart, and I’m really liking this new outspoken, fiery side of her!! Remember when I said I wanted to see her and Wells together??? Ummmm HELLOOOOOO … they are both in Mexico together … again I ask … WHY IS HE OFF LIMITS??

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Kristina: How can you not just LOVE Kristina?! I was so happy when her and Dean hit it off right away and then to find out that he visited her in Kentucky when the show was shut down …. YES!!! But … after watching last night’s episode, I’m not entirely sure Dean is the one for her?? She needs a strong and outgoing guy who can not only sweep her off her feet but who also pours his heart out to her and speakw his mind so that she’s not left second guessing herself.

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Dean: I thought it would make sense to follow up with Dean here … Oh, Dean. I REALLY like Dean and I think his intentions were good with Kristina and while I want to see them together, I THINK she might just be a little too intense for him?!?! Ps. Does anyone follow him on Instagram??? If so … has ANYONE seen all of the photos and Insta stories of him and Becca Tilley together?! Ummmm am I missing something???? Is there something brewing there … hmmm ….

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Alexis: I jumped out of my seat when I saw that shark … I mean, dolphin flopping around in the sand!!! LOL!! I freakin LOVE Alexis!!! I think she is seriously hilarious!! I REALLY want to see her find someone this season, I think she is such a great catch but she tends to just play the friend role all the time and I want to see someone she likes totally crush on her!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Taylor: HOLY CRAP!!! Taylor and Derek hit it off instantly and I didn’t expect this out of either of them!! From what I remember Taylor was always a bit closed off and guarded and Derek was super quiet so the fact that they got together so fast totally shocked me!!! The best part is, they are SMITTEN with each other!! Taylor seems really happy, even the girls said they like this version of Tayor, it’s the “happy and fun” version and I have to agree with that!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Derek: I basically want to repeat what I said above here for Derek, I’m lumping them together as one. LOL!!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Jasmine: I thought it was sweet that Nick came to Bachelor In Paradise FOR Jasmine but I didn’t really think she gave him a fair chance … but I guess if she’s not interested, then she’s not interested! You can’t force anything!! I actually DID think that her and Matt were going to hit it off but that seems to be fizzling out, unfortunately. However, I think she will be juuuust fine based on the previews … LOL!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Matt: Matt is a hard one to figure out … he is super quiet but also doesn’t put up with a situation he’s not really into … I’m curious to see what happens with him … I honestly have no idea what to expect! Matt is a hard one to figure out … he is super quiet but also doesn’t put up with a situation he’s not really into … I’m curious to see what happens with him … I honestly have no idea what to expect!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Jack Stone: Jack Stone. Another one I can’t figure out … someone help me understand these guys!! LOL!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Danielle: YESSSS!!!! Sooo so happy she is back!! I know she was REALLY crushing on Dean and was bummed when him and Kristina started hanging out sooo maybe she will get in there and scoop him up?? What do you think?? Either way, she needs a good guy!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Amanda: She is the cutest, isn’t she?! It’s a shame to hear that her and Josh didn’t work out but it’s really not that shocking. I think she needs a super mellow, sweet, guy … like FREAKIN WELLS … or Dean. Lol. In my opinion apparently everyone should have a Wells or Dean in their life. LOL!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Nick: Poor St. Nick. He came to Paradise for Jasmine and got shut down. Ugh. Welllll I mean, you never know … this could end up to be a Carly and Evan relationship!!! Ummm how cute was their wedding by the way?! I’m stillll on the hunt for my invitation.

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Diggy: I’m so happy to see him back, I always thought he was awesome, and how can you not just eat up his sense of fashion?! LOL. However, I think he needs to put himself out there more … he seems to be too reserved. Flirt, Diggy, FLIRT!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Lacey: It was really cute when she and Iggy were hitting it off … then when they came back to Paradise that just collapsed … what happened?? She mentioned something about him just being there to hang out with the guys and wasn’t interested in her. Hmmmm. Welp. She wants Daniel to come on the show and I think that’s just around the corner … I can’t wait to see this one unfold!! LOL!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Iggy: He DOES seem like a sweet guy and I totally think he would be a great boyfriend BUT he has to stop bromancing so hard. LOLLLL!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Vinny: I noticed Vinny and Alexis joking around and they seemed pretty damn cute together … I just want them to get together. I don’t know if it makes sense but I want to see them give it a shot. LOL!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Ben: Does ANYONE know if he has a dog?? Lol. We could have made a drinking game out of this for sure. I really like Ben and I actually think he would make a great pair with Danielle!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Robby: I don’t understand his hair. Or how he is so ripped. Or how he has more bathing suits than I do. I’m confused.

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Alex: It seems as though Alex isn’t everyone’s favourite so far and sort of stirs the pot … I hope he can change that around!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

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Well, what do you think?? What are your predictions so far??




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  1. I thinking Taylor and Derek are so cute.
    Really like Danielle hope she can find her soulmate
    Raven is awesome to looking forwards to seeing what unfolds for this hole cast.
    Also hope Wells will be a game change and maybe end up with someone if he is not dating someone. Your maybe he just wants to be friends with the cast. Either feel like this season is going to be awesome different and nice

  2. Wasn’t Becca Tilley dating Robert?? Did that change?? I follow so many Bacheor Nation people on Instagram, I can’t keep up!! I just moved to Seattle and literally ran into Desiree and her adorable baby today, too!! I’m having Bachelor fever ?

  3. I’m thinking Daniel M and Wells would be SUPER cute together. They’re Nashvegas buddies and they’re super adorable together in their social posts. Just sayin’.

  4. As always, I read everything you post and your blogging is the only blog I look forward to and read. I just kinda love you, in case you haven’t figured that out.

    I was and still am shipping Kris-Dean-a… I think he’s young and he needs to figure things out, but in the end, I think these 2 have a real shot at something, whatever that “something” means. He seems scared and quite honestly, after Rachel, I can see where he’s coming from. Uhm, I think we can all remember 25. Or can I? LMAO

    I am loving Taylor, I was not fond of her on Nick’s season, but she seems way cool.

    I wanted to see Raven with Vinny, doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I think she should leave alone but not without Wells phone#. 🙂

    Love that Even and Carly got married, I think those 2 are perfect together and can’t wait to see their little one. She is a doll, and with such a quirky personality

    Until next week!

  5. I’m thinking they are prepping Wells to be the Bachelor??? Fingers crossed because that would be awesome.
    Also, Lacey and Daniel could potentially become the greatest couple ever… I feel like they would be hilarious together.

  6. Wells is my favorite and no one can even go for him! I agree with you, I hope that changes!!! Ben Z would be my second favorite because of his obsession with his dog ? Everyone should love their dog that much! LOVE YOU JILLIAN!

  7. I was totally digging Dean ! Like I wanted him. But after last nights episode and how short he was with Kristina .. I am starting to feel like he is just your typical guy. It’s a shame really. I was rooting for the two of them ! I myself, am very excited for our Canadian boy to get there !

  8. Not sure what the relevance of your comment “I don’t know Corinne but I heard she had a boyfriend?? Did she not?? And did she tell him that she wasn’t going to fool around?? Anyway …” is supposed to be? In a conversation around the importance of consent if seems like a petty observation.

  9. Love, love Kristina but so scared that Dean is going to break her heart! I agree with you Jillian, she needs someone who will pour their heart out to her and I’m not sure if Dean is that guy!

  10. Lol! Robby and his hair…I feel like this new look is going to be one of those times you look back years later and think oh lord what was I thinking…only for Robby I think that might come immediately after this season premiere. Lol!

  11. yes I agree with your predictions and I hope that some of these people especially,
    Taylor and Derek, Raven and ?, Jasmine and ?, Danielle, Alexis, Amanda et. al find someone already. And yes i hope that Wells is not just the bartender and if he is not in a relationship that he gets a chance with one of these awesome gals.

  12. I LOVE Bachelor in Paradise, so much drama! It sure makes great television to watch with the girls and a glass of wine. With that said, How cute is Taylor and Derek!? They are so smitten with each other! I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. After all, it is BIP and anything can happen! Love your blog!

  13. I follow Becca and Dean on Instagram and thought the same as you in the past week or so; is something going on with the two of them? 🙂 I think they would make a cute couple if there is something going on!

    Amanda Panda

  14. I thought the same as you about Wells being the bartender, WTF? Then I thought this may have been a wicked smart idea, if it was his. He can spend the whole season chatting up all of the girls and getting to know them without any pressure, and then follow up with anyone he’s interested in after the show!

    Loving the Taylor and Derek connection, too cute. No other real connections yet. Dean is pulling away from Kristina. I’m sure he’ll find someone else. Would love to see Raven and Danielle find Mr. Right, but don’t think their matches have arrived yet. I love Ben but he NEEDS to stop talking about his dog!!! Robby’s hair is a crime scene. Can not stand looking at it. Alex is too insecure (and clueless). Lacey is also clueless if she’s all about Daniel, but who knows, maybe they are perfect together? I feel bad for Nick and hope he finds someone else to connect with. Can not help you with the Matt and Jack thing. I don’t have a hot clue what they are all about either?!

    The highlight of this week for me was definitely Carly and Evan. Good stuff! They are so perfect together. Was disappointed we didn’t see her brother though. Did he skip her wedding because she skipped his?!

  15. Number 1, I hate that Wells is off limits. He’s one of my favorites. And Number 2, Doesn’t it look like Robby is wearing makeup??? I swear I see some eye liner. Haha.

  16. I’m so glad Derek and Taylor found each other for sure. There is still so much in the air with everyone else! Dean made me so frustrated with not wanting to open up and talk to Kristina – I mean I get it.. he opened up with Rachel and ended up heartbroken.

    Speaking of bartenders.. as a fellow Kelownian (is that right? LOL) I heard that Jorge the bartender was just in Kelowna/West Kelowna! His instagram shows he was just up at La Casa and Mission Hill Winery! HOW DID WE MISS THIS.. ?!

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