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Bachelorette Recap: Lies and Goodbyes

Hi Everyone!! It’s Abbi! I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have been flying by! Today, I am so excited to share another Bachelorette recap with all of you. Is it just me or can you believe that we are almost onto hometown dates? πŸ™€

Let’s get right into it!

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Ever since last week’s episode, I have been itching to know what happened on Noah and Bennett’s two-on-one “date.” Once Tayshia pulled Bennett aside, it seemed like he was completely lacking any emotion and instead responded as though he was a robot. I wasn’t really confident after their conversation, and I could see Tayshia sending him home. You could tell that Bennett felt pretty confident after their conversation, but just the look on Tayshia’s face said otherwise! 

Even though I am not a fan of either Bennett or Noah ( I don’t see either of them ending up with Tayshia in the end!), I still think that Noah had a better connection with Tayshia after both of their one-on-one time! I found it really interesting that instead of giving either of them the rose at the moment, she decided to tell Bennett that she couldn’t give him the rose.

You can tell that Noah seems very cocky. I laughed SO hard when he was grinning from ear to ear, thinking that he would get the rose. Tayshia says, “Don’t smile. It’s not over yet!” I was SO happy that she put him in his place and kept him on his toes for a little longer. But in the end, he ended up with a rose during the rose ceremony.

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Ben and Tayshia One-On-One 

I really enjoyed Ben and Tayshia’s one-on-one date! I really enjoyed watching them participate in the scavenger hunt. From the beginning of the date, I could tell that Ben was going to have a hard time opening up. But, in order to build a stronger connection with Tayshia, he needed to!

During dinner, I was excited to see Ben finally open up to Tayshia! At the beginning of the date I was so nervous for him, you could just tell he was so uncomfortable. But what he ended up sharing with Tayshia I was NOT expecting! He ended up sharing a traumatic story of his past and I was SO impressed that he opened up (especially on television!). Not only did he let his guard down, Tayhia’s reaction couldn’t have been better. I couldn’t even imagine how hard it was for him to share this, let alone a story that his sister didn’t even know of. 

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Group Date

Oh boy, after Tayshia said she wanted to test all of the guys I wasn’t expecting a lie-detector test!! The thing that I was most concerned about was the lie-detector test not being accurate. But you could tell that this was about to stir up some major drama! I was skeptical about the test initially, but I like how Tayshia took the bull by the horns and volunteered to go first. Her only inconclusive answer was β€œDo you regret sending anyone home?” All I was thinking in this moment was please tell me you don’t regret sending Bennett home!

At the beginning of the group date, I’m not going to lie πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t a fan of the lie-detector test. But it was surprisingly nice to see how Tayshia’s connection grew with all of the guys on the group date after.

At the end of the date, I couldn’t believe that she was so torn who to give the rose to. I respect her for making that tough decision though. All of the guys let their guard down and became really emotional on this group date. It was tough to pick just one guy that deserved the rose. And just as she heads out, she is stopped in her tracks by…. Bennett 😭 Not only that, but she seems to actually be happy/surprised to have run into him? Ahh was anyone else cringing in this moment!?

She agrees to have a chat with him and honestly I was already horrified thinking he might end up back in the “mansion”. He explained that saying goodbye to her was so hard and that at this moment he realized that he LOVED her…

Having said that, Tayshia has a lot to think about! What are your thoughts? Do you think she made the right decision letting Bennett go? Will he stay?

P.s. don’t forget that there will be TWO episodes next week, one on Monday and another on Tuesday!

Until then!


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