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What Better Kind of Bar Than One Full of Candy?


If you told me when I was a little girl that I would be able to design using candy, I would have decided to be a designer at the age of four! I think it’s safe to say that you would all agree with me that a candy bar is perfect for any event or occasion. It’s an eye-catching conversation piece that will FOR SURE be enjoyed by EVERYONE!

Since I can have quite the sweet tooth, sometime copious mounds of candy just isn’t enough to satisfy it, so I always think of incorporating pastries, CAKE POPS (mmm), cookies, macaroons, chocolate covered pretzels and, of course, cupcakes. The biggest thing I would recommend when choosing your amazing selection of treats is to stay true to your event’s colour theme.

A few tips on how to make that candy bar look sexy!

Add a bit of depth to the table and a variety of height

Create some height by adding pop crates, wire baskets, stacked trunks and wooden stumps to add another layer onto the table.


Emphasize the colour palette and theme design

Add a complimentary table linen to make any table work with your colour theme or use a pretty vintage dresser or a distressed wooden door as your surface tabletop. Simplify the surrounding and emphasize the feature sweets.


Make those sweets last

As if your guests won’t already love you for supplying them with a candy bar make it last a little bit longer by adding some cute candy bags on the side of the table. You can always personalize the little bags so they can remember the party even after they have left! After all, the more candy that is left over, the more is going straight into the belly of yours.

Name your candy

You can create cute little signs for each of the varieties of treats. Use ribbon to tie this onto the glassware or utilize those cute patterned scissors to create little card stock signage. When creating the labels take note to your colour choice, texture and font of your stationery.

Your candy bar will be a sure hit if you follow these steps. It will be a conversation piece and memorable activity amongst your guests. Hopefully it will spark nostalgia and will be a stunning feature to your decor. Have fun with creating your own candy table. I hope for your sake that there’s not too many leftovers….

xo Jilly

Photo Credit: Vintage Origami 

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