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The Jilly Academy

Celebrating One Year of The Jilly Academy!

And just like that… it’s been ONE FULL YEAR for The Jilly Academy! Today, we celebrate all of the Alumni members for how hard they’ve been working, for all of their wins, and the major growth they’ve experienced along the way. Though this journey is a marathon not a sprint, we continue to be in awe of how much has been accomplished within just one year! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Jillian Harris against a blue backdrop holding a pink graduation cap wearing a pink sparkly dress to celebrate one year of The Jilly Academy.

What has happened over the last year for The Jilly Academy?

Our community has grown so much over the last year and we’ve had the honour of meeting so many amazing folks along the way! I hope that very soon we can meet in person too!

For those of you who aren’t an Alumni member yet or are unfamiliar with The Jilly Academy, let me tell you a little bit more about how The Jilly Academy came to be!

How The Jilly Academy was brought to life

Growing up I’ve also had an entrepreneurial spirit and expressed that in a variety of ways but never really landed on my true passion. Fast forward to a few big scary risks, learning curves, failures, pivots, mistakes, successes… you name it, I can officially say I have my dream job! Over the last decade I’ve learned so much about myself, where I wanted my career to go and what I wanted my legacy to be. 

The Jilly Academy timeline over the last year in honour of celebrating the one year anniversary. Course launch dates, Campus store launch, scholarships awarded, The Jilly Academy Box launch.

From Team Jilly growing from just Shay and I in 2009 to now over 30 employees! There have been various successful business ventures and incredible experiences along the way. Some of these include The Jilly Academy, The Jilly Box, co-authored a #1 bestselling cookbook, collaborated with so many dream brands, and built an engaged community of over 1.3 million followers. With everything we’ve learned with both business and life lessons and with the help of industry leaders, Angela and Taryn, co-founders of The Atelier Collective, we have curated courses that encompass ALL of our best-kept trade secrets, our exact practices and methodologies and exclusive content from over the last decade.

Overhead shot of Jillian Harris showcasing The Jilly Academy Workbooks with a laptop and coffee mug on the table in honour of our one year celebration.

My dream is that you all live with purpose and passion and take that leap of faith to truly build out your dream. Imagine if you started NOW? Imagine how far you could be by the end of 2022 if you took that first step out of your comfort zone? If you’re an aspiring influencer, entrepreneur, or small business and wondered, “what are the steps I need to take in order to build out my dream career?” then The Jilly Academy is for you. We take you through the process of building a solid foundation of your brand with intention and strategy, creating compelling content and connecting with your community, to monetizing what you’ve built through finance, team building and partnerships. 

I can’t wait for what this next year will bring for all of you and how The Jilly Academy will grow. I am so looking forward to continuing to be your biggest cheerleader and watching you all flourish! 



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