Christmas Traditions

Nothing screams Christmas holidays more than hunkering down with friends and family … sipping on some hot cocoa, eating way too much food and laughing too hard. A Christmas tradition in my family is to bake waaaaay too many cookies with my cousins at the beginning of the season so they last throughout the holidays. And what better way to do so than in matching Joe Fresh sweaters?? It’s the perfect one-stop shop for us girls and there’s always something for all of us!! This tradition totally beats an “ugly sweater” party when you can just buy nice matching sweaters instead!!! (Ok ok … maybe do a little DIY and have an ugly sweater party too)!!!

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White Eyelash Sweater & Jeans | Heart Sweater & Leggings | Pink Crew Sweater & Jeans 

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What are your favourite holiday traditions?!?!


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  1. Christmas Eve is my favourite day, I love that my whole family drives around looking at all the Christmas lights then go home and eat all the different types of Christmas cookies with hot chocolate

  2. Jillian, are the sweaters from Joe Fresh good quality? I have never ordered from them before but love the cable knit sweater you posted.

  3. Baking! I love to bake so much and I am slowly learning the tricks to not have too flat cookies, or crunchy brownies, and undercooked muffins lol. My annual Christmas tradition is to have a cookie exchange while sharing appies with a few friends that love to bake too. We wear our Christmas socks, listen to Christmas music or have Christmas movies playing in the background. We end up eating way too much sugar lol and it is my favorite Christmas tradition. Twitter [email protected]

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