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Coconut Almond Milk Matcha Latte

Well hello there!! Today I’m going to share my Coconut Almond Milk Matcha Latte recipe with you!! Now, I have to admit I AM a big lover of coffee and I don’t think that will ever go away but like most of you, I have always been curious to try Matcha … to be honest, I’m not really one for just a plain ‘ol cup of green tea … or any tea for that matter … BUT I really wanted to give this a try after hearing SO MANY of its health benefits and how its sourced!

I would imagine many of you are probably WAY more up to speed than me on this whole matcha thing, but if you aren’t let me give you a quick overview of what I’ve learned about matcha, specifically WithinUs TruOrganic Matcha! I learned from the lovely team at WithinUs (ps, this is a LOCAL Vancouver company … and they are the sweetest!!) that there are MANY grades of matcha (just like collagen … if you haven’t checked out their collagen, do so, especially if you suffer from joint pain!! My dad uses it and  SWEARS by it!!) and WithinUs gets their matcha from the most renown matcha farms in Kyoto, Japan! Here’s the crazy part … there are ACTUAL EXPERTS in Japan (like sommeliers!!) who grade the matcha … based on the smell, taste, and blend.

Apparently, the matcha making process is a loooong one and there is no room to skip corners … but unfortunately, now that it has become more commercial and mainstream, companies will like to present knock off matchas at a lower cost which then results in a compromise on quality. The cool thing about WithinUs Matcha is that it’s exclusively blended for them and it’s free of all contaminants and metals … such as lead as they go right down to the SOIL to ensure the soil itself is not contaminated.

One of the many reasons why I was so intrigued to give this matcha stuff a try is the fact that WithinUs TruOrganic Matcha helps to improve concentration and cognition … (ummm I need this in my life … LOL!) and it has many of the same benefits as coffee without some of the negative effects … aka the JITTERS. Plus it’s FILLED with vitamins and antioxidants … so the only thing stopping me from drinking it was that it didn’t taste like coffee … and if I was able to have some green tea, it best be delicious and indulgent … and this recipe nailed it.

Jillian Harris WithinUs Matcha

Coconut Almond Milk Matcha Latte



  1. Add the WithinUs Matcha, WithinUs TruMarine Collagen, Coconut Oil and Coconut Nectar Syrup to your desired mug.
  2. Add your steamed or warmed Almond Milk slowly to your mug, while whisking everything together using your Matcha whisk. (Or blend on high in your blender until the mixture is frothy).
  3. Crack open your computer and enjoy … well, that’s what I do! LOL!
Jillian Harris WithinUs MatchaJillian Harris WithinUs MatchaJillian Harris WithinUs Matcha Jillian Harris WithinUs Matcha

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For those who haven’t yet tried Matcha, this post has come at a great time for you as their BLACK FRIDAY sale starts TODAY at 6pm!!!  withinUs will be offering their best prices of the year ON EVERYTHING at (one day only). You’re welcome!

What is your favourite matcha recipe?? Share them below!









Thank you WithinUs for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi JH team – I am not seeing the 50% off at check out…are you sure they are offering it? I’ve not proceeded with the purchase until I understand a bit more. thanks!

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