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Cupcake Mag

I had SO MUCH FUN doing the shoot and article’s for Cupcake Mag that I wanted to share with all of you the hard work and dedication put into this magazine by their amazing team. And… might I add the most adorable article and spread…featuring yours truly!!!!! Feast your eyes ladies’ and gent’s this is a fantastic wrap up of a great shoot which truly represents that hard work does pay off!!! Read the entire mag here!!!! And the spread below!!!
cupcakeMAG17cupcakeMAG18cupcakeMAG19cupcakeMAG20cupcakeMAG21  cupcakeMAG22cupcakeMAG23


Well…what do you think!?! I could read it over and over again!!! I also wanted to include some outtakes that didn’t quite make the cut for the magazine but were still SUPER cute and some of my faves!!!! AND… SO on point for Holiday style ideas for all of you!!! I’ve also included below where all of the items are from to save you the breathe of asking and time for looking!!!!


Tulle1Tulle11Tulle2  tulle5Tulle6

1. Skirt Beautulleful | 2. Sweater (similar) | 3. Heels | 4. Nacho Toque | 5. Faux Fur Shall | 6. Chantal Jacket

Photos by the ever so lovely Sharla Pike Photogoraphy!!!



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