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12 Days of Giving

Day 7: A One-Year Supply of TruMarine®  Collagen, Courtesy of withinUS!

“Day seven is here of Jillian Harris’s Giveaway, so if you love to feel your best—don’t go away!”

Welcome to DAY 7 of Jilly’s 12 Days of Giving!! I am so excited to share that we have partnered with Vancouver-based brand withinUS to gift THREE lucky winners a 1-year supply of TruMarine® Collagen (and MORE!) valued at just under $1,700! 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with withinUs products, let me bring you up to speed! withinUs uses certified organic products whenever possible, and ensures all ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. Plus, it’s non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian friendly and Health Canada Approved, so everyone can enjoy it! Not to mention, its premium quality makes it virtually tasteless so you can add it to any drink and reap the benefits without sacrificing flavour! So, don’t worry! Your delicious coffee will not lose its amazing flavour! It’ll just have a WHOLE LOT MORE nutrients!!

Day 7 withinUS gift under the tree for Jillian's 12 Days of Giving Campaign 2022
Day 7 withinUS Oat Creamer in Jillian Harris's kitchen

And, fun fact: TruMarine® Collagen is actually the highest-grade collagen supplement available on the market! It has superior bioavailability (aka absorption rate) in comparison to all other collagen sources, making it more effective than other collagen products on the market.

Now, Team Jilly and I LOVE TruMarine® Collagen. In fact, we always have our home AND office kitchen stocked with it to help get us through those busy days! Not to mention, the withinUs ReHydrate is a LIFE SAVER when you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine, which makes it the perfect product to have on hand over the holidays! 

On a more serious note, something I really appreciate about withinUS is that they are very environmentally conscious. They are the first company to offer a premium-grade collagen supplement in a 100% compostable pouch! That intentionality with their packaging is something I really appreciate as someone actively trying to take more steps to better the environment. Plus, it’s reassuring with the amount of TruMarine® Collagen Team Jilly likes to consume (LOL)!!

Sounds amazing right?! If you’re eager to enter this giveaway and get stocked up on your supply for an ENTIRE YEAR make sure to, scroll down to learn more and enter to win!

Day 7 withinUS TrueMarine Collagen Coconut Creamer and Oat Creamer at Jillian Harris's home


TOTAL PRIZE VALUE: $5,088.00 CAD | $3,708.86 USD

INDIVIDUAL PRIZE VALUE: $1,696.00 CAD | $1,236.00 USD

This incredible prize includes the following (received every 4 months for 1 year):

1. 4 x TruMarine Collagen jars
2. 2 x TruMarine® Collagen stick pack canisters
3. 2 x ReHydrate Tropical stick pack pouch
4. 1 x Oat Creamer + TruMarine® Collagen jar
5. 1 x Coconut Creamer + TruMarine® Collagen jar
6. (one time) 1 x withinUs Nalgene bottle
7. (one time) 1 x withinUs hand-held frother


Winners’ shipping addresses must be within Canada or USA. The products are not available for return or exchange.

There you have it!! Our SEVENTH GIVEAWAY!! And, lucky for us there are 5 more days of giveaways to go! Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what I have in store for you for Day 8 of Jilly’s 12-Day Giveaway!

If you have questions about the giveaway (how to enter, when the winners will be notified and more) click here to read the FAQs.



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