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Do What (OR WHO) You Want

First and foremost before I congratulate Kaityln (woooohoooo!) I have to admit that I totally didn’t realize how much was at stake for these two and I guess never really thought about the two bachelorette thing and that one of them would really be going home after the first night. While I always like to remind myself that the franchise “is a show and a business…”  my heart totally broke for Britt last night. My heart just sunk and I felt so bad for her.

But having said that, obviously getting rejected and sent home doesn’t mean she won’t find love… I mean a lot of the guys were interested in her on the show AND I am certain, in real life!! So although it may look and feel like rejection by not being the Bachelorette she is going to be JUST FINE. I am so pumped for her and know that professionally and romantically this will bring her a lot of great things. And way to go Britt for taking a chance and putting all of this out on the line in your career life and your love life.

Okkkkkkk HUGE HUGE HGUE CONGRATS to Kaitlyn!!!! She is the second Bachelorette to be from Canada and Vancouver at that….there must be something in the water lol. We have a lot of mutual friends and word is that we have a lot in common…we’re both off side, quirky, adventurous, have no filter, fiery! I love that she has great style (which I will be covering on the blog throughout the season….and have picked out some cute navy sequin dresses that remind me of Kaitlyns below) and I am SO looking forward to what this season brings!!!!

For starters it was your typical rose ceremony and since it was the first one it was hard for me to get attached to anyone of the guys. The show put a lot of emphasis on Shawn and makes it look like Kaitlyn is in love with him with the initial make out and all…but in my opinion…that’s the way the show works…they edit it and put emphasis on certain people at the beginning of the show to plant the seed but in the end I don’t think he is the one. And the other guy she made out with…I don’t even know his name so hope to get to know him a bit more throughout the show!!!

Caitlin Bristowe Bachelorette

The part we’ve all been waiting for….the previews for the upcoming season!! I know my jaw dropped along with everyone in my house…we were all screaming and yelling…the whole house was full of energy. BUT, every single season the show does this. They do such a good job at making it look so dramatic and so gnarly but it’s never as crazy as it’s made out to be. I think they’re just really really really playing up a lot of the drama, they’ve got to hook us early and it’s working isn’t it!!!???

I have read some hurtful comments on my Facebook and social media and it brings me right back to my season of everyone’s criticism and strong opinions of whats right and wrong. Regardless if you put yourself in this position, you’re doing something because you want adventure, you want something new and your not playing by someone else’s rules. First of all she is NOT Mother Teresa or a perfect little Disney princess  …she is Kaitlyn fricken Bristowe…she is her own person who doesn’t need to live by anyone else’s rules and can do what she wants when it comes to matters of her heart. She is a normal person who also makes mistakes and maybe bad decisions to some, but you still must be accepting and learn from it whether it be good or bad. Who cares if she slept with someone before the overnight dates…she’s a grown women…she can if she wants to!!! I say go for it girl… You are trying to navigate through your heart to find your forever partner, sometimes that requires a test drive. (Sorry not sawrrry)

Caitlin Bristowe Bachelorette

If she decided to or not it’s her prerogative and it doesn’t mean that she has to be with him in the end! She is the one trying to make a decision and whatever she needed to do to make that decision….I don’t think she should be judged for that.

I haven’t read any spoilers, I do not know the answers or the end result and I don’t want to know!!!!! Please do not ruin it on ANY of my channels! BUT I have a feeling that she picked Nick. No one has picked anyone that has come back from previous seasons and judging from the previews I saw so much connection between the two of them. I think that in itself will make it a steamy and exciting season!!

I have put together my top picks for navy sequin dresses that remind me of Kaitlyns but are short and easy to wear!!…..

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What do you guys think?!? Any strong opinions right off the bat?!


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  1. How can we just breeze over the fact that Nick is back?? And her and Andy were buddies…no girl code when it’s on tv??

    1. I love this article! I will start by saying I was not a Kaitlyn fan upon her first meeting The Bachelor Chris, I was taken aback by her first comment. I thought she was there to party, not a husband. After watching the episodes, she became one of my favorites. She seemed authentic and down right hilarious! The editing of these shows is crazy and who knows what wild ride we’re really in for. I am SO happy Kaitlyn is The Bachelorette and I hope she finds a man who can keep that fieryness alive & true love. So much for first impressions!

  2. I just have to say that I have STRONG feelings about Nick and they are NOT good ones!!! I truly hope that she does NOT pick him!! (Unless, of course, they are totally meant for each other and it makes her 150% happy!!)

  3. Not true about something coming back not getting picked. Mary was on Bob’s season and came back for Byron’s season and he picked her.

  4. I couldn’t believe that Nick showed up! I don’t care for Nick…I have bad vibes about him. I’m hoping he doesn’t last the whole season!

  5. lol she did not pick anyone . See I saved you from the spoiler . So good luck being hook up with your friend season lol …

  6. Nick and Shawn b were her top final two . No engagement happened . She is single and ready to mingle . You are welcome Jillian 🙂

    1. Hey Asshole….can you not read?! “I haven’t read any spoilers and I do not know the answers or the end results and I don’t want to know!!!!!” Just because you think you know the ending doesn’t give you the right to blast it to people who DON’T FUCKING WANT TO KNOW! If you’re going to be an asshole, have some balls, post your name. Dick.

    2. Of course you are “Annonymous” (btw, you spelled anonymous wrong). What a jerk and a loser with no life other than to troll internet sites and piss people off. Wow….

  7. Love the drama between the guys! Excited to see who Kaitlyn picks or doesn’t for that matter! Hope she had an amazing time and doesn’t regret a single decision she made! I’m sure we’ve all had those “shouldn’t have ______ with that person” along the way to finding love, just not so publicly! Best wishes to Kaitlyn this season!

  8. I am SOOO glad you said the stuff about her doing whatever she wants with her body. It’s 2015, slut shaming someone for sleeping with ANY guy for ANY reason is ridiculous and that preview kind of made me not want to watch the rest of the season.

  9. Jillian- SHE IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE YOU AND I MEAN THAT AS A HUGE COMPLIMENT!!! Making out with 2 people the first night- NOT CLASSY. I’m a young female (as I’m sure most of the TV population might be) and it just sends the WRONG message #herpesisforlifegirlllllllllll Are all these people tested for STDs/STIs? What about HPV, does anyone care anymore?!!! I get it people who sign up for bachelorette/bachelor are not trying to be “role models” they are on a reality show- that others such as myself can choose to watch or not watch. But as a female watching this is disappointing, it’s gross and not tasteful. People are on one side or the other- slut shaming or not, it’s not about that here is a PERFECT example- Kristen sleeps with someone early on and is in distraught and in tears- if she fully WANTED and was “doing her thing” then would she not be OK with it? She seems pretty damn upset with herself after the fact…and yes people make “mistakes” but why do things need to go that far physically before you realize it??? I’m sure this isn’t her first “mistake” or the first “mistake” the show has aired (and yes I’m making an assumption due to her ACTIONS- her on screen shenanigans and taking her clothes off and inappropriate/vulgar/off colored yet funny jokes.) I’m not saying I’m team Britt- I’m not, and she isn’t perfect or an angel and she sure as shit may have made the same “mistake” or similar ones…I’m not picking sides I’m for HAVING MANNERS and being polite. I’m also not saying females can’t experience physical attraction and have sex it’s NORMAL but what about getting to know someone before you insert body parts?!!!! All I’m saying is why don’t all the guys make out with each other and rub genitals- remember that old sex ed saying “you have sex with all the people your partner has had sex with.” Bottom line where is the class….she is coming across non-filtered- cool, but crass it’s not a good look for her, for females or for ANYONE. #ClassittheFupABC
    Also if the rooms are all equipped for “safe sex” why doesn’t ABC send the RIGHT message and start each show-hell put it in the middle of each show and talk about what is safe sex, appropriate questions to ask, STI testing, having open communication with your partners etc….This is all done GROSSLY WRONG.

  10. First of all, seasonallychic, her name is KAITLYN, not Kristen, so please do us all a favor if you’re watching….get her name right. After her being on the previous Bachelor and now the Bachelorette, you should know it by now. If you don’t like what Kaitlyn is doing, kissing a few guys on the first night, and then later when she has sex with one of the men, then it’s real simple, turn OFF your tv. I never cared for Courtney and her skinny dipping with Ben, etc, and I’m sure if I took a some time, I could recall a lot of stuff I haven’t cared for. But in someone’s search for love, we all do things differently. BTW, everyone is tested for every single STD so going in, all are safe. I’m sure there are “tools” in the rooms, for “just in case” sexual activities. With the average age of people on the show being later 20s, wouldn’t you just believe that an adult at that age is well aware of what they’re doing? I love Katilyn, she’s spunky, speaks her mind, is spontaneous, and honestly admits when she makes a mistake. Better to have that than a fake princess who showers every so often, sleeps in her makeup, loves EVERY man she meets and tries too hard to fit into HIS life. I was happy that the first thing Kaitlyn said was “Is Britt ok?” That’s CLASS.

  11. Don’t believe any spoilers guys. They said Andi didn’t pick anyone, they also said Brooks was coming back for Des and she would choose him. Wrong and wrong again. I have heard rumours of the ending and I don’t buy them. its likely just a very tight lipped finale where the couple isn’t being spotted publicly. My choice is of course Shawn, but I’m just looking forward to her season! She represents real Canadian women. We make no apologies and live every day like it’s the last. You go girl!

  12. Everyone who is trashing Kaitlyn for sleeping with someone needs to grow up. Are we forgetting that exploring the sexual element of relationships is completely built into the model of the show?Somehow everyone is all on board that potentially sleeping with three different people during fantasy suite week is completely fair game and morally permissible, but any physical intimacy prior to that and she’s classless? Shut up, internet. Keep rocking it out, Kaitlyn. Proud a fellow Vancouver girl is making all these prudes uncomfortable.

    1. Its not the viewers that should have a problem, its the guys she’s dating. I think thats where some of the judgement stems from…that viewers realize how quickly jumping into bed with a contestants could cloud her judgement/feelings for the rest of the process. It has nothing to do with being prude, just pragmatic.

  13. Love the post Jill! And obvi slut shaming is NEVER okay, SO STOP THAT PEOPLE! As long as people are true to themselves and making themselves happy that’s all that matters. But I do wonder how Kaitlyn would react if Chris slept with someone, especially someone she didn’t like. To me its just about treating people how you would like to be treated. I want to put it out there I’m not judging her, she is a grown woman, and I’m happy she was having a passionate time, and got lost in it. And I feel awful at all the tears, and she def has enough respect for all the others to tell them. Everyone is different, I would not do that while dating others, but who cares, that’s what makes us all different! I’m sure she is a very caring person, who is scared to let go, and has walls up, and is obvi human! But out of all this, I’m sure it will be a great season, its a show about DRAMA for the audience, but LOVE for the Bachelorette and the contestants. How awesome is that, she hopefully finds her man, and hopefully we all do throughout life, it takes a few frogs to find your prince. And those frogs may be really good in bed, so atleast there’s that, woot woot! 😀

  14. I am so glad you addressed the crappy comments people are making over the fact that it appears that Kaitlyn sleeps with someone before the overnight dates. I completely agree that she’s a grown woman and it’s awful to see other women judging her SO QUICKLY on a dramatized clip. I’m sure when the actual episode airs, it will be far less dramatic and for Kaitlyn’s sake I certainly hope so!

    I think Britt seemed smug – I don’t doubt that she was genuinely sad when she had to leave, but up until that point I felt like she was acting like there was no way the guys would pick Kaitlyn over her and then it truly shocked her when it happened.

    I like Shawn B for sure. I don’t have all the guys straight yet but I think I liked JJ and Joshua too. WHY IS TONY THERE?! Did the girls not hear him say the exact same speech to each of them? Creeper McCreeperson.

    1. Britt smug? I find it amusing how people project their own prejudices into the behaviour of these girls. She might have seemed surprised because producers no doubt told BOTH girls they had the lead job and (probably) that the majority of the guys were cast specifically for them. Kaitlyn faced dropped when she thought Chris was delivering bad news…same as Britt, she seemed surprised. I hate how petty viewers are when it comes to these women.

  15. Love the recap! My theory (and I haven’t read any of the spoilers at all) is that she doesn’t actually sleep with anyone on the show. I think her and Nick previously slept together before the show and all the previews are just really cleverly edited to make it seem like they slept together while the show is happening. I think he showed up for her season because they have a past and all of the scenes of her breaking down and saying she “made a mistake” are actually for other reasons and nothing to do with sleeping with anyone. Hope I’m right! Also, I’m team Shawn. REALLY hope she picks him or he’s the next bachelor!

    1. I never even thought of that theory….you are probably right! I could totally see that…and maybe she was telling Chris H, or just one of the men she slept with someone, not the whole room – like they tried to make it look like! They show her saying that, then you see a shot of the men. But you don’t see her and the guys together in one screen shot when she says it.

  16. The problem is not the viewers, but the other guys. And if one of them is her potential husband, he will NOT like it one bit. Yes, she can do what she wants, but that doesnt mean the guys have to like it. Another issue that nobody is discussing is now easily women chemically bond with me after sex. Its biology. So yes, having sex pre fantasy suite does matter….it will make Kaitlyn feel like she’s closer to this guy than in reality AND it could cloud her judgement.

  17. Perhaps she didn’t have sex with any of the guys but the producers make it look that way. Maybe she is referring to Nick…and that wouldn’t be anything great. The way the producers have edited the show makes Kaitlyn look like she needs the cherry on top the cake. The other aspect is not all women and men are as “open” as Kaitlyn. To them, this behavior appears a risque and iinappropriate for knowing someone a few weeks in time. And for Kaitlyn, has labled her a promiscuous or worse.

  18. For all you younguns, NO SEX before monogamy!! If you’re looking for a husband, anyway! Look at your own relationships…. Yep, it’s true. Look at all the Bachelor/Bachelorettes, NONE of the “picks” lasted with those who had sex with more than one contestant….. Just a fact
    Love you Jullian!

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