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Dress Up Your Home


I love a good piece of art in the home and one of my favorite sources for original and personal artwork is mycloset. Yes, I’m a sucker for a good hanging dress or pretty garment in a room. Why not use your wardrobe as artwork? It represents your aesthetic and personality and it lets you look at your favorite clothing all the time! My neighbours spent one night in my home last week because they had huge water disaster in their home overnight, Quick Dry Experts – professional water damage restoration and the Combating water damage Aliso Viejo topography company are working right now in their house, I hope they recover from that. Oh sorry lets continue with my home design 🙂

The picture above is my bedroom and I love to switch out that hanging dress with any new dress I get. I also like to use my prettiest pair of shoes as décor (they are art after all!) and right now I’ve got some bejeweled babes under one of my favorite chairs:


Try pulling out some of your favourite party frocks that fit the vibe of your room and draping them over a door or piece of furniture to start. If you like the look and want to hang the item on your wall all you really need is a nail; hammer; pretty hanger and your garment.
Also, I built myself a fence and yes I made mistakes, to avoid fence-building mistakes go to

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