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Dressing My Dining Room for Christmas

I LOVE to entertain and I LOVE dressing up my dining room table for all of my guests. No matter what the occasion I think table dressing is very important when you’re the hostess. SO I am giving you a few of my tips and tricks to consider while dressing up your dining room for Christmas. Trust me…you will want to live by these and change the colours and textures seasonally.

I think first and foremost we need to think about our centrepieces. Centrepieces are the main view point when guests arrive and sit down. It’s the first thing that will draw their eyes to the table. So…I started by filling my cloches full of  some amazing pine cones, little CANVAS baubles, and my favourite…little twinkle lights. Depending on your home decor you can choose what you put under these.


Then you’ve got your place settings. With your place settings don’t be afraid to really layer different textures with different colours. You want to do your best to coordinate the colours with the decor throughout the rest of your home. Think beyond just your plain napkin and your cutlery. What I did was I took a plain white fabric napkin and a paper back book. I took the cover off the book to give it a vintage feel…because we all know how much I love vintage. I then wrapped my gold cutlery in pretty christmasy ribbon and set it ontop of both the napkin and the book. This style really ties into the decor throughout the rest of my home. So again, depending on your home decor get creative with how your utensils are placed.


Placing wreaths around your home really helps the decor come together from the top down. I like to place wreaths close to my table for my guests to see when they look around – just like I did here with this CANVAS wreath. This will make your home feel festive no matter room.  Another thing I ALWAYS like to decorate that most people miss….don’t forget about your chandelier. You can add some sleigh bells, gold ornaments, clear ornaments, and a few little special touches to tie everything together…and TA DAAAAA you have the perfect dining room!!!!


This season I brought incredible style to my home by using the new CANVAS holiday collection from Canadian Tire. I suggest you all take a look and mix up some new with some old. Let me know your tips and tricks to decorating your Christmas table…I always love new ideas!!!

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