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Easter Decorating 101

I don’t know about you but as soon as St Patricks Day is done … I start decorating for Easter!!! I love everything about Easter … the Easter bunny, pastel colours, smells of fresh tulips … and getting to hang out with family and friends for an extra long weekend! I thought I would give you enough time to dig out your already existing decor, give you some new ideas, and enough time to buy a few new items! Check out what I’ve found below and how I will be decorating this year …

My Top 5 Tips To Easter Decorating This Year: 

1. Pastels | As soon as Easter and spring hit I pull out the pastel decor. Everything from throw blankets, to pillows, dishes, to dish towels … anything that could be pastel, bring it out and bring it on!!!

2. Candy | Candy is a must. Put it in cute bowls, bunny baskets, under cloches, in jars … It will make it feel like a constant scavenger hunt and who doesn’t love that!!! If you’re on a diet or trying to eat healthy, maybe skip this step as the chocolate is WAY too tempting lol!!!

3. Tulips | I mean any fresh flowers will do but tulips right around Easter are the perfect touch. Separate them or buy a few bundles … throw them in jars or vases throughout your home. Even put some in the bathroom!!! Fresh flowers are always a cheap and must have decor item to freshen up a room.

4. Eggs | It doesn’t matter what kind of eggs you use as long as you use some!!! They can be real, DIY painted, ceramic, chocolate … using any type of egg in your Easter decor will tie in the rest of the home and put everyone in the Easter spirit. Don’t forget something to put the eggs in!!!

5. Baskets | I love stacking different baskets around the house that look like they’re ready for a scavenger hunt of their own. Use them to store blankets, pillows, candy or even some eggs!!! They will make for a great decor item that will last longer then just for Easter.

EASTER-DECOR1. Glass Bottles | 2. Eggs | 3. Gold Lamp | 4. Mini Eggs | 5. Egg Holder | 6. Throw Blanket | 7. Bunny Carrier | 8. Bunny Pillow | 9. Baskets | 10. Striped Pillow | 11. Scavenger Hunt Holders

Do you have any other Easter decorating secrets? Let me know in the comments below…



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