Extreme Friendships Last Forever: A Guest Post from Ty Pennington!

Hey everyone, Ty here. I’m pumped to start contributing to Jillian’s website. Seriously wicked re-design… and her recipes? Don’t even get me started.

I had such a blast working with Jillian on Extreme.It was definitely one of the greatest jobs of my life and I’m sure she can agree. Since the show ended we haven’t had the opportunity to design together like the good old days, but we’ve kept in contact and continue to share our inspirations however we can.

Here’s a quick blast from the past…


Behind-the-scenes fun… foot salad lunch break. Ha!


We’re on a deadline Jillian… Ha!

Intro-Ty-and-Jillian-EMHE Intro-Ty-and-Jillian-fun

Seriously who wouldn’t want to work with this goof?  (dug this pic up just for you, Jillian)


Anyways, I recently re-launched my website too, so I hope you’ll check it out. There’s a lot of design, DIY and inspirational posts, not to mention I have my own crew of contributors who are keeping things fresh.

– Ty Pennington


Visit Ty’s new website at http://typennington.com/

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