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Food Friday: Canada’s Cocktail

HAPPY CANADA DAY LONG WEEKEND my beautiful Canadians!!!!! What better way to celebrate this weekend than with CANADA’S OFFICIAL COCKTAIL?!?! Sharing a suuuuper delicious classic recipe with all of you!! Americans, if you’re not familiar with this cocktail, it is similar to a Bloody Mary, but ooooohhhh soo much more delicious!!!!! Try it this weekend!

Caesars2Caesars Caesars5


4 oz. Clamato juice to taste
1 (or 2!!) oz. Vodka – DOESN’T need to be premium vodka! Don’t waste that in your caesars 😉
Fresh salt and pepper to taste
1 dash of olive juice for an extra kick!
3 dashes Worcestershire sauce (if you like yours muddy!)
2 dashes Hot sauce (if you like spice)
Squeeze of lemon juice


Celery salt
Lime wedges
Pickled asparagus
Cheese of your choice!


1. Pour one to two tablespoons of celery salt onto a side plate and shake it out until you have an even surface. Rim your glass with a lime wedge and dip your glass into the celery salt. Turn until the entire rim is covered. Lift and tap off the excess!

2. Fill your glass with ice. Add all ingredients over the ice, stir well, and add your garnishes!


Your Canadian caesar is ready to serve!!!! HAPPY CANADA DAY LONG WEEKEND, CANADA! Cheers!!!!!!


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