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Fraiche Food Full Hearts: Our Cookbook Is Now Available!

It’s been three years in the making which consisted of hundreds of emails and phone calls back and forth, copious hours in the kitchen, prepping, styling, and shooting … not to mention MANY trips to the grocery store in addition to tears, laughter, frustrations and moments of success … and today is FINALLY the day. Not only are we on the road for our cookbook tour but our cookbook, Fraiche Food Full Hearts is officially on store shelves and available for purchase and it’s ALREADY the #1 book on all of (of ALL books, not just cookbooks!) thanks to all of YOU who pre-ordered it!

If you pre-ordered the book you will be receiving it in the mail (if you haven’t already received it!) and for those who have been waiting to buy it in stores (or if you would still like to purchase it from the comfort of your home, here is a list of the locations where you can find it!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts CookbookJillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

In celebration of today’s cookbook launch I thought it would be fun to highlight 9 of our recipes for you below to give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect in the cookbook and some suggestions of things to try out first depending on what you’re looking for!

3 Best Make Ahead and Freeze Recipes

1. Vegetarian Chili

This is my Dad’s recipe … well, I tweaked it SLIGHTLY to eliminate the beef! On that note, I should mention here that not all of the recipes in our cookbook are vegan / vegetarian but we do offer LOTS of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options! Not only is this chili so amazing to whip up on a cold fall day but it also freezes extremely well so you can prep it ahead and time, pop it in the freeze and bust it out when you’re running tight on time!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

2. Garden Bolognese

Our Garden Bolognese is a family favourite! It’s hearty, comforting … and vegan!! You can make the sauce ahead of time and pop it in the freezer if you want to use it down the road. All you have to do is pull it out that morning and pop in in the fridge and later that evening all you have to do it re-heat the sauce, boil your noodles, and you’re good to go!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

3. Sunshine Muffins

These muffins are packed with (hidden!) veggies and freeze beautifully in a reusable bag for quick snacks or breakfasts on the go! Ps. The kids LOVE them too! Win-win!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

3 of My Absolute Favourite Recipes

1. Nacho Average Queso

This is by FAR one of the best appies I’ve ever eaten! It’s plant-based (made from mostly cashews!) and super cheesy thanks to a healthy heaping of nutritional yeast! If you have a party coming up, I highly suggest bringing this along with you as it’s a tried, tested, and true crowd-pleaser! Even for the non-vegans in the group!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

2. Garden Bolognese

I think by now you probably know JUST how much I love this recipe! Did I mention it freezes well too? LOL!

Jillian Harris Food Love Preset

3. Cream of Mushroom Soup

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of mushroom soup, I find it so comforting to indulge in on a chilly day. When I first started making this soup I wasn’t mostly plant-based so I used to add a ton of cream and butter to this recipe, fast forward to today and I’ve replaced those dairy ingredients with plant-based alternatives such as vegan butter and cashew cream and it’s TO DIE FOR!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

3 of the Quickest and Easiest Recipes

1. Captain’s Kale Caesar Salad

When I started dating Justin years back this was the very FIRST meal he ever made me! Over the years we have tweaked his recipe and, yes, we have made it vegan … and I have to say, I’m pretty sure it gets better with time!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

2. Spring Orecchiette

This pasta is a BREEZE to put together and the best part? It’ll look like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen! This Spring Orecchiette is loaded with delicious asparagus and peas and you can serve it on any pasta your heart desires!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

3. Lime Capellini

This is another amazing pasta recipe that seems SUPER gourmet but comes together very quickly! I love the fresh, bright, and ZINGY taste the lime zest brings to this dish! It’s perfectly unique and sure to be the talk of the table!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

There are so many amazing recipes in Fraiche Food Full Hearts (I haven’t even touched on the cocktails yet … ahem … Sammy’s Mulled Wine and Grapefruit Jalapeno Margaritas!) you really can’t go wrong with any of them so don’t feel like you HAVE to make these ones first … but if you do, make sure to share your photos with me over on social and let me know how you loved your creations in the comments section below!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook Jillian Harris Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

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Happy cooking!



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  1. Hi. I absolutely LOVE this cookbook. I’ve made several things out of it. My husband says the pancakes are the best pancakes he’s ever had. I’ve tried making Tori’s buns a few times, but they turn out like rocks. HELP ! What am I doing wrong ? Was there an edit to the bun recipe , or is it just me ?

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