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From The Office To The Weekend

I was wearing this blouse to do my running around this week and was just about to throw it on for the weekend so I thought I would share it with you guys!!!  I’m sure most of you know by now, one of the main things I look for in clothing is versatility. With my busy lifestyle, I need to be able to wear my outfit from set, to meetings, to dinner, to drive and finally to the weekend. Blouses are always an easy transition for me because they can be paired with a variety of bottoms. You can wear a classic pair of dress pants and a blazer to the office …. jeans for the weekend …. and even leather leggings to go out at night!!! Pair your outfit with a bright and fun pair of heels and you will be set from the office to the weekend without having to change!!! No seriously … how easy is that!!!

This one in particular is from Banana Republic and even though I’m pregnant I love how tailored it is. The fit is perfect and so is the length … if I didn’t have a bump in the way lol!!!!

Photo 2016-04-20, 4 50 01 PMPhoto 2016-04-20, 4 51 16 PMPhoto 2016-04-20, 4 48 19 PM Photo 2016-04-20, 4 46 41 PM Photo 2016-04-20, 4 49 45 PM Photo 2016-04-20, 4 53 27 PM

Blouse | Jeans | Heels | BlazerClutch (similar)

What’s your favourite thing to wear from the office to the weekend!?! Let me know in the comments below …




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  1. I think you forgot to upload the pic with the blazer! I clicked the link and it’s cute but don’t see you wearing it ?!?!?

  2. And wow your belly seems to be growing so fast!!! Great excuse to shop though. I love your maternity style and you always look great!

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