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Gift Guide for Pets

Yup, that’s right, in between Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, I’m BACK with another gift guide!!! I LOVE sharing these gift guides with you because not only does it help you out (I hope!! LOL!!) but it also gives me a chance to brainstorm ideas for MY loved ones … including Mr. Nacho Cilantro, himself!! Because you know … he has a hard knock life … LOL!!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for PetsJillian Harris Gift Guide for Pets

I know there are more of you fur mamas out there who spoil their little fur babies almost as much as your own little human babies! I’m definitely guilty of this and I’ll be the first to admit it!! LOL!!!

Below are a few ideas for your furry companion, some of them, like the leash, collar, and dog couch are some of Nacho’s favourite items (he told me to include these for you) … and some of them are things that I have my eye on for him! Like the doormat, the adorable bandana, and the Barkbath could come in handy, of course if you’re more into cats, you can visit sites like Cats are on top where you can have the best gifts for them … and might actually help keep my whites WHITE!!! LOL!

Alright, let’s take a look!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Pets

1. Leash | 2. Collar | 3. Treat Jar | 4. Shampoo | 5. Dog Couch | 6. Dog Bowls | 7. Leash Holder | 8. Bandana | 9. Doormat | 10. Sweatshirt | 11. Treats | 12. Chew Toy | 13. Dog Bath and Grooming System

1. Leash / 2. Collar

Nacho has so many different leashes and collars and I know it’s not necessary but sometimes it’s fun to just switch things up! Some of our favourite collars are from Hound, they are ADORABLE!! Oh, and have you seen the collars that come with bow ties on them?! MY GOD!!

3. Treat Jar

I always have a cute little treat jar on our counter in the laundry room for Nacho, it’s so much better storing them in something that looks adorable and is also easily accessible!

4. Shampoo/Conditioner

Nacho feels his best when he looks his best. LOL!

5. Dog Couch

I get SO MANY questions about Nacho’s dog bed so this was at the top of my list of fur baby gift ideas!! It was honeslty SUCH a great purchase! He loves it and Leo ALSO loves snuggling up with him on it! LOL!! It’s from a company called Yark and they have the best stuff!!

6. Dog Bowls

This is something that sits out all the time so it becomes more of a decor item them anything, if you’re like me, then you’ll want something that matches the rest of your home. Lol! I know … it might sound crazy but it’s true!

7. Leash Holder

Rather than tucking leashes away in your drawers, hang them up on a cute leash holder so they’re always on hand and ready to go!

8. Bandana

Well because they are just so freakin cute!!

9. Doormat

I love a good doormat, we have one at our front entrance but I’ve been wanting to get another one for our back entrance but I thought it would be fun to get one that was dog related considering that’s where Nacho’s doggy door is! LOL!! Now if only he would learn to wipe his damn feet off!!! ?

10. Sweatshirt

Anyone else get a kick out of dressing up their dog?! LOL!

11. Treats

What else are you going to fill that cute treat jar up with?!

12. Chew Toy

Nacho would agree that you can NEVER have too many options.

13. Dog Bath and Grooming System

Because … everything in my house is WHITE!! LOL!!

There you have it!! What are some of your favourite things to buy your fur baby?! Make sure to share them with us below!!



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  1. I love dog bow tie collars. There is a girl locally that makes them in Kelowna, her business name is Perry’s Bowtique and I have like.. 3 of them already for our pupper. He just looks so dapper with a bow tie!

    Definitely have to get some of those cute dog bowls!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness!!! This might be my fav blog post yet! Great idea’s
    Thank you and Merry Christmas from my woofer to your’s! xoxo

  3. Layl

    Layla my 11 month Goldendoodle whom is so precious to me would love all these presents . I spoil her I dont have kids but she is my fur baby and I adore her . I love your relationship Nacho its so sweet he’s such a doll.

    1. These are such great ideas for our fur friends! Our puppy’s name is buddy he’s an Australian mix we are getting married in the summer and I have been looking for something with a bow tie as he is going to be the ring bearer! Love these ideas Jillian, and happy holiday season

  4. Our 4 legged family member would be so pampered even more than he already is with any one of the wonderful gifts.?

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