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Girls Gone Maui…Part 1!!!

Ok, SO I’ve been to Maui like…about a dozen times now. Everyone knows I love it. In fact, my family and I bought a little condo there about 3 years ago (which you can stay at too, info below) we love it so much. But…every time I’ve gone, I’ve gone with my family (which is fabulous but going to bed at 9pm ISN’T my cup of Mai Tai)…or with my babe Justin (which is a good thing, we have a blast and explore the island pretty hard)…I have NEVER gone with just my girls. Until now.


So… Maui is obviously a wonderful place for all ages and types – but, unlike the typical girls trips like Vegas or New York, its not always easy to navigate in order to have ‘non stop fun’ Maui can be slow after the sun sets, so here is my guide to a non stop fun filled week in Maui!

I think us girls nailed it. A mix of four girls who love to travel, explore, eat, drink, shop and of course tan … THIS is our recommendation for YOUR girls trip to Maui….


First things first…I don’t care how many times you’ve been to Maui…download GYPSY GUIDE. I just tried it for the first time on this trip and we LOVED it!!! I’m a little dorky like that but she (a narrator) follows your road trip (even if you aren’t data roaming) and points out attractions, travel tips and Hawaiian history – I LOVED IT! Totally genius! We learned so much… even that they don’t pronounce the W in Hawaii…they pronounce it as a ‘V’ and the I is double…so when you ask me where I got my tan…Imma gonna tell you “HAVAI-EE”  so don’t laugh at me cause it’s legit.


OK now down to business:

1. STAY 

MY CONDO – well of COUSE you can stay at my place!!! We’re buds right? :)))) Well my parents and I bought a condo a few years back and I’ve never really come out and said it, but we do rent it out.  It gets booked months, if not years in advance but its so worth it. My dad renovated it and my mom and I decorated it (of course) and it is just the cutest little slice of heaven in Maui. (Just make sure to turn the ac off during the day cause mama Harris doesn’t love the big electricity bills). Book here!!!


FAIRMONT – my Maui ‘home away from home’  … As you all know I am obsessed with the Fairmont properties, so if you are a hotel snob but can’t afford the 10 days at the Fairmont, my suggestion is to have your cake and eat it too. I like to either start or end the trip with 2-3 days at the Fairmont for some pampering. The Cabanas at the swim up bar is a full day of Maui loving’. The Fairmont‘s breakfast buffet is OUT OF HAND (just pretend you are pregnant when you go to the pool after, NBD) and you can request your drink in a Pineapple at any point for no extra charge (actually at this point I never really inspected the bill but either way its totally worth it) I might want to point out at this time that the Fairmont and my condo are about 5 mins from each other and this side of the Island has THE BEST sunsets in Maui (and beaches in my opinion). Book here!!

mauistay11 mauistay21mauipineapple1

WESTIN KA’ANAPALI  – You might remember this hotel from when I was on the bachelorette. It’s a sweet property with amazing pools, flamingos in the lobby and the shops right next door (wahhhoooo!) I like to stay in Ka’anapali (right beside Lahaina) for at least ONE night during my stay, there is a ton to do down on the west end and the night life is pretty awesome, so stay on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday (we didn’t, we stayed on a Monday and I’m not sure I’d recommend that lol) I’d recommend you check in early, sit by the pool for a bit, get ready, go out for dinner at LONGHIS (see below) and then tear up Lahaina… go back to your room, sleep in and then sit by the ocean or pools all day until you feel better again (too many Mai Tais?). Book here!!


2. DRIVE  

I only rent jeeps when I go to Maui…I have recently discovered the cheapest and BEST rental agency…Discount Hawaii Car Rental. I was so late booking a car that EVERY jeep was already taken!!! I called these guys in a fury and I don’t know how…but they somehow managed to scrounge the Island to get me the BEST Jeep Convertible at the BEST rate from Dollar Rent A Car!! I couldn’t even believe it! They were so easy to deal with and did all the dirty work for me…I will be going back to them FOR SURE and you should too…trust me!!! Book here!!!


3. EATS 

MAUI TACOS – This is your “I’m fu&*ing hungry and don’t want to waste time or money” meal…we know what this is like when you are with a group of girls and that ‘one girl’ REALLY needs to be fed (HANGRY)… MAUI tacos (we get the Baja taco with a side of guac and a side of sour cream with the Pineapple salsa) the best thing about this…you get it to go, it takes 5 minutes, costs 5 dollars, you can eat it on the beach and it TRULY is the BEST fish taco’s in MAUI…. I actually wouldn’t recommend you eat ANY other FISH taco…umm except for LILANIS on the beach…

5 PALMS for BREAKFAST – If you are in Kihe I think 5 palms has THE best breakfast in town. It’s a small menu, but affordable, it is RIGHT on the beach (I refuse to eat indoors when I am in Maui) and I think their Maui Style Omelet is the best omelet on earth.

LEILANIS on the BEACH – We will get to this part because one night we stayed in Lahaina, which I recommend if you are staying in Kihei…Kihei can be a little sleepy at times so staying in Lahaina one night is recommended. Anyway, Lilianis on the beach the ‘day after’ your big night out is FAB, close walk from the Westin, 2nd best Fish Tacos on the island and THE BEST coconut shrimp ever! …oh yes, and it is of course on the beach!!

Longhis – BEST Italian & local seafood!  great ambiance, by the way, one place that is worth a visit is for seafood delivery to your home, if you live in the UK that is.

Mamas Fish house  – Mamas Fish House, some say is a bit pricey but when you fly your vanilla in from Tahiti once a week and get your fish from your local fisherman DAILY…well, let’s just say that’s not a budget operation. Mamas fish house is the BEST vibe, best food and most incredible drinks on the Island. In my opinion. Go right before sunset for a few photo ops and ask for TIM as your server…he will make your heart so happy!!!!

Old Lahaina Luau  – My third Luau and I would say this is the most authentic and impressive! Book it in advance here!

Freds – great for a quick inexpensive lunch or dinner, GREAT fish tacos!

mauifood2mauibreaky1 mauifood1mauiluau

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more FUN Maui tips, to do’s, outfits, etc. You won’t wanna miss a second of it…I PROMISE!!!


See you ALL tomorrow!!



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  1. Do you still own the condo on Maui? I tried to use the link you had years ago to find it but I can’t find it. ?

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