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Guess Who’s Back?! It’s Not Just Nick!

If you watched last night’s episode you’ll know that the Backstreet Boys weren’t the ONLY thing that was back!!!! You guessed it, Corinne’s crazy antics were back too!!!! LOL!!! But for real … who else felt like they jumped on a time machine and was shot back to the 90’s as soon as the Backstreet Boys made their appearance last night?!?!?! SO funny!!! Ps. Corinne’s version of “The Mom Dance” though … I don’t know who she’s been hitting the dancefloor with but us mommas know how to SHAKE IT!!!! LOL!!!


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Ahhhhhhh so the truth ALSO FINALLY came out about Nick and Liz … and the girls were less than impressed … and they grilled him with lots of valid questions but I have to give him credit where credit is due … it WAS months ago that it happened … what he does in his free time is up to him … AND I think he did the right thing by being honest with the girls about it!!!! I gotta give him SOME kudos there!!! Let’s just hope he can keep it in his pants from here on out!!!! LOL!!! …

Oh f*$k … take that thought back … Corinne and the trench coat and the WHIPPED CREAM…. she is REALLY testing him!!!! By the way … ladies … Valentine’s is coming up and Corinne is generously giving us ideas of what NOT to do. As much as it makes for great TV … is it just me or do you KIND OF feel bad for her??? I understand that she is VERY immature, but does she not realize that the key to a guys heart isn’t just her sexuality? Love her or hate her I’m sure that she will be around for a while … and PROBABLY on Bachelor in Paradise too.


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Can we just talk about the group date and how SMOKIN’ HOT Danielle L. was?!?! Hot enough for the Backstreet Boys to pick her as the group date winner and serenade her and Nick on stage … MOVE OVER CORINNE … DANIELLE IS IN THE HOUSE!!!! It MUST be something about that name Danielle because BOTH of them are KILLING IT in my eyes!!!!!


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And Vanessa’s DATE?!?! OMG!! How COOL is that?! I was dying laughing at them jumping around in their bright mustard yellow socks (brings me back to my hot dog days on The Bachelor … LOL!!!) and dancing in slo-mo!!!! Annnnnd then I was CRINGING for her … omg … MY stomach was in knots just watching them and hearing what they were going through … poor friggin girl upchucks on her first one on one date …. thankfully it wasn’t projectile like Leo’s have been lately or else that would have been bad news!!! She definitely went up in my books though … anyone else??

I just need to add that Nick handled it like a P.R.O. and didn’t make her feel bad about it which I LOVED!!! Brownie points for Nick!!!!! Plus, he had the best line after kissing her “You still taste fine” LOL!!!! Yessssss!!!! But in all seriousness … I was so impressed with Nick on this date and totally saw a different side to him that I really liked!!!!


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The second group date of the night … or the “NICKATHON” as they call it … was nothing short of HILARIOUS and DAMN these are some competitive girls!!! Did you see the commotion at the end?!?! Rachel was kicking ASS and then knocked the ring off its pedestal … Astrid noticed and fully took her opportunity to snag it (well played … WELLLLL played) … BUT then Rachel accidentally stepped on it and literally CRUSHED it to a pulp, yet Astrid snagged an itty bitty piece of it … and WON!!!!!! LOL!!!! Ummmmm …. does anyone remember the story of the Tortoise and The Hare?!?! POINT PROVEN!!!! … LOL!!!!


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ANYWAYS … with all of this said and done … it brings me back to my point earlier … “Let’s just hope he can keep it in his pants from here on out!!!!” AND THEN … then bouncy castle happened … OMG … Corinne is seriously pulling out all the stops to wrap Nick around her finger and while Nick has been able to control himself (so far …) these situations are leaving the other girls with a bad taste in their mouths … Vanessa actually asked him “are you looking for a wife, or someone to f*$k around with?” … ugh … but seriously …. Keep. It. Together!!!!!!


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Soooooo there you have it … another episode in the books!!! And now to leave you with MY BURNING question … tell me …. WHO booked their trip to Vegas to go see the Backstreet Boys last night?!?! Don’t hide it … I know you’re out there … or at least you’re THINKING about it … LOL!!!!!

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  1. I think Nick is being unjustly vilified for his one nighter with Liz. Any of the ladies could have been boffing the football team the night before coming on the show and it’s no one’s business. I think Liz should be wearing it for showing up on the show and never trying to contact Nick before hand.

  2. Vanessa and the blonde Danielle are my favorites. I think they will be in the final 4 for sure. Jillian…please comment on the nanny!! Who has a nanny at 24?! My husband wanted to know if he picks Corrine is the Nanny part of the package? Lol

  3. I wish all Danielle’s could kill it haha I missed that train. ??
    I love Vanessa, she gave it to him straight.. Atta girl. But as you said Jillian that one on one date with Vanessa a different side came out and I loved it. He was such a manly man and you could see he genuinely cared for her and wanted to protect her ( heart melt )

    And.. Hangs head, I did call my GF after the show and demand we go to Vegas hahaha your a wise one Jilly haha

  4. Omg I loved loved loved the date with Vanessa and Nick. I feel like he is really falling for her which is awesome because they both are so sweet. I was crying just watching them talk ?. Now Corrine you cute little girl your nanny didn’t tell you what not to do did she? Feel bad for her I think she is going to get her heart broken. Next season of paradise we will see you again. Sure was a great episode and I hate that o have to wait for another week to see more.

  5. Did you notice that when Vanessa first said “I’m going to be sick” and grabbed the barf bag that there was a lady in the background wiping the floor?? Looks like she already HAD been sick… poor girl! And I’m with you – I have a love/hate with Corinne. I think she genuinely just thinks this is how to win a guy’s love and doesn’t know better, and that’s sad. Apparently her Nanny didn’t teach her anything about relationships & self worth…

  6. I like Corrine. Maybe she’ll pull a Jillian and have sexy time in the hot tub? I find it hilarious how Ms. Jillian Judgerson calls these girls sleazy and she did the same thing. These girls are all in it for the same thing she was – fame. Fact is the more of a name you make for yourself on the show the better chance you have on being the next Love it or List it host.

    1. Also funny how she tells Nick to “keep it in his pants” but when Kaitlyn couldn’t keep it in her pants, Jillian defended her. I don’t have an issue if anyone keeps it in their pants or not, but it’s a bit hypocritical to scold Nick for it but defend Kaitlyn.

    2. Jillian was talented in her own right before the show. Did the show help her career? Of course, however she has come this far because of her talent, class and wonderful personality. And the said hot tub scene, one time. Corrine has based herself solely on her sexuality as we have seen dozens of times and it’s only week 3. Do agree that Nick shouldn’t be knocked for hooking up but the “keep it in his pants” comment was humerus because it must be hard as hell (pun intended 😉 ) to do so with women throwing themselves at him. Let’s remember this is all in good fun and people go on the Bachelor etc knowing they are there to entertain… and find love (we hope). People come to this site to support a awesome women Miss Jillian Harris! Let’s keep it positive ppl.

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