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Halloween Decorating 101

Decorating for Halloween has always been one of my favourite things to do. As soon as Canadian Thanksgiving is done, it’s on to Halloween decorating for me!!! I know that it might seem too early for some of you, but really it’s only 2 weeks away. It’s one of the only seasons and holidays where it doesn’t really matter how “pretty” your decor looks … it’s more about creativity. Well, you can still make it look pretty while making it feel like Halloween.

Last Halloween and this Halloween I decided to decorate my home with a more “gory” theme. Obviously, I still incorporate my feminine and classic touches here and there, but it really doesn’t feel like Halloween in my home anymore without a few skulls, spiders, cobwebs, blood and crows. But getting the balance just right can be tricky…

I started off by adding skulls and crows under my couches, spiders on top of my vintage books, and cobwebs on every visible surface. One of my main secrets though … I cover my furniture in white sheets to give it a spooky “what’s under there” vibe. It’s so easy, but completely changes your space! I finished it off with a jar of blood in the fireplace and a gigantic spider as the centrepiece.

If you’re having guests over before or around Halloween, having some roasted pumpkin seeds on hand is always a great touch. I don’t know about you but pumpkin seeds give me an instant feeling of Halloween and they are SO easy to make, and are an easy snack to keep on hand. Sprinkle them with some seasoning salt and sea salt and roast until golden brown. Take out and ENJOY!

IMG_0793 copyPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 10 41 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 12 49 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 12 20 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 11 37 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 11 16 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 09 52 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 13 11 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 13 35 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 13 57 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 14 23 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 07 21 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 1 11 56 PM

How do you decorate for Halloween?? I’d love to hear in the comments below …




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  1. Hi Jillian, I love how you decorated your home! Just a question, how do you store all your decorations? I am always hesitant to buy different decor as I don’t have a cute and useful way of storing them! Thanks!

  2. Awesome Halloween decor!! How is the big spider sticking on the wall?? And how did you make the blood in the jar??

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