My Hawaii Photo Diary

Warning: if you currently find yourself in an icy, cold, dreary location then this post might make you a little angry- apology in advance! The truth is, I was so craving the sun this month (watching “The Bachelor” didn’t help this craving) that I decided to surprise my family and tag along on their trip to Maui! They had NO idea I was coming and the surprise was awesome.

Our days were spent soaking in the rays, drinking a few too many mai-tai’s and going on some Hawaiian adventures. And, as you can probably guess from the picture below, I am SO excited to become an Aunty in a few months!!

Here’s a glimpse at our trip:

My Hawaii breaky!
Tebow-ing is good for the soul!
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I’m a tanned and relaxed little lady but now it’s full steam ahead and back to work!

Have you gotten to escape at all lately? Would love to hear about it below!

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