My Heavenly Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! I hope you’re all stuffing yourselves with tons of yummy food (hopefully a few of my recipes!) and spending quality time with friends and family!

As you know, Canadian Thanksgiving was last month and I thought I’d share a recap of my holiday. We had Thanksgiving in the middle of nowhere this year… just the way I like it. We call it “man camp”; I call it heaven. No running water, no electricity, no cellphone coverage and, as evidenced by the lovely photo below, no toilets.


It takes a true lady to dig a hole…

The boys deep-fried the turkey (which was AMAZING by the way!) and we just sat by the fire, played cards & had some good laughs.


On Sunday, Cassandra and I toured Mission Hill Winery – you guys remember I took Jason there on season 13 of The Bachelor? Well, we went back and I forgot how beautiful it is there- perfect time of year to check out Pinot Noir grapes and breathe the fresh crisp air!


How are you celebrating the holiday?

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