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Heels That Have My Heart

These heels not only have my heart … but also deserve their own blog. You’ve probably seen me wearing them time after time, throughout all seasons and to many events. I STILL get asked about them so finally decided to share the details with you.

Maybe it’s the style that I’m drawn to or the fact that I can wear them with ANYTHING!!! Party dresses, rompers, jeans, I bet you could even wear them with sweat pants lol. If you are wanting to splurge on your first pair of expensive heels … Stuart Weitzman makes them in a ‘high end’ version. I haven’t taken the plunge yet but they are definitely next up on my wish list. ORRRR buy the less expensive version in multiple colours!!! There are a ton of different variations it just depends on your budget. Call me crazy, but once you buy your first pair you will understand.

And for those of you wondering if they’re comfortable. For someone that wears heels often, they are surprisingly more comfortable than they look. I have worn them on set and standing for 8 hours at a time, and yes of course my feet hurt at the end, but they would hurt regardless of what I’m wearing. If you’re not used to wearing heels, these may not be the best introductory pair. They will take some time to break in and get used to, same as any heels!! If you’re REALLY worried about comfort these ones (linked here) are a little bit lower so are that little bit more comfortable and ideal for heel beginners!!!

Photo 2015-06-15, 9 55 35 PMView More: View More: in my closet 3Photo 2015-06-24, 7 16 14 AM Photo 2015-09-14, 7 06 50 AMPhoto 2015-11-22, 2 53 07 AM Photo 2015-11-22, 2 49 16 AM Photo 2015-11-20, 7 49 53 AM

Nude | Black | Red | Floral | Purple


Do you have any shoes that you LOVE so much you have them in multiple colours!? Tell me which ones in the comments below …




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  1. Jillian,

    My sister Jocelyn and I have been obssessing over these puppies toooooo!! Found them recently at forever 21 both the black and the beje pair and couldn’t decide which one to get… so we ended up getting them both haha
    We can be triplets now!!

    Love love love your style!!! Can’t even describe how happy this post makes me ?

    – Angela

  2. I bought the 3 inch version directly from Stuart Weitzman. When I first tried them on, they felt a little stiff in a couple of spots, but being Stuart Weitzmans, I figured they would loosen up quickly and I would have no issues, after all, I have worn many pairs of this brand throughout the years. So I wore them to an event, and they were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. They caused a large blood blister on the ball of my right foot, another regular blister next to it, the straps dug into the tops and sides of my toes, the buckle on the left shoe chaffed my ankle, and the back of the heel on the left shoe rubbed my heel raw. I have been trying to work with customer service to return the shoes, but so far I have not been able to get results. $400 is a great deal to pay for a pair of shoes for two hours of wear. I do not have problem feet, and rarely have issues with shoes. You may have no problems with these, but if you buy them, be warned that you may want to make your purchase from a retail store that allows returns.

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