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High Low Summer Gear

Every good Monday starts with a summer fashion blog … am I right?! Remember those adorable pom pom sandals I got from Nordstrom ?? Well, when I was in the States I popped into Target and found sandals that are ALMOST identical to them at a much lower price! I was actually shocked at how similar they look, take a look at the two photos below, the top photo is the more expensive sandals from Nordstrom and the bottom photo are the ones from Target!! Crazy right?!?!

Coming across this steal of a deal and realizing how similar they are inspired me to do a little research on what else I could find and round them up in a high/low blog for you!! So today I’m sharing beach bags, sandals, and swimsuits that I’m currently loving at two price points!! How’s that for a steal of a deal?? START THE CAR!!! LOL. I mean, I can be the only one who loves a good bargain when she sees one!! Haha!!

Alright, let’s kick this off!!

Jillian Harris Save or Splurge Blog

Nordstrom Sandals

Jillian Harris Packing the Perfect Picnic

Target Sandals

Jillian Harris Summer Sandals

To shop any of these cute sandals, just click on the images of the items below (same goes for the beach bags and the swimsuits)!

How adorable are these beach bags?!  I have the two bags in the middle on the save side and I LOVE them!! The one for $35 with the three pom poms is from Target (good, ol Target!! Haha) and it’s HUGE!! The other with the pom pom tassel for $60 is from Express, it’s so bright and fun, it’s the perfect size to bring all of your beach necessities such as some small snacks, a book, sunglasses, a hat, two bottles of Rose … what?? Isn’t that what summers are for? LOL!!

Jillian Harris High Low Summer Gear
Jillian Harris Swimsuits

There you have it loves!! I’m so happy I could share some of these with you!! Did you find it helpful?? Let me know in the comments section below!




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  1. Miss Jilly, I am not a shoe person, nor a handbag person. In fact I buy very little clothes for myself. I love to shop for my home. But your posts lately (just discovered your blog) want me to shop!!! For myself!!!! These shoes….OMG. Love them!!!!!

    1. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Sometimes to you have to treat yourself, Shelley!! Glad you’re enjoying the blog so far! Thank you so much for following along! XO

  2. Love your style, your Instagram and LIOLI. This blog is great too… even more awesome would be if you quoted CDN $ 🙂

  3. Yes! Miss Jilly this is an awesome blog post. I find myself so fascinated with you. You are so real, funny, witty, and just darn adorable! Your style is so perfect. I know perfect is a huge word but it describes your style. I am truly hoping you show with that hot man of yours makes it way to the US of A. Keep doing it lady!!!! You rock ?

    1. Patti!! You’re so sweet, you’re making me blush over here!! THANK YOU! We’re currently working on a way for everyone in the States to watch the show … stay tuned!! xoxo

    1. Hi Mayra!! Everything is linked in the blog for you!! You can click on the image of the swimsuit and it’ll take you to where it’s from!! XOXO

  4. Thanks for sharing these Jillian! It is so thoughtful for you to give options for readers in all price brackets. I can save but also save up for a cute splurge! Showed how much you care about your readers as you took our ideas for blog posts to heart. Thank you! Hope you and lil Leo are having a blast in Van 🙂

    1. Hi Rozanna! Which images are you trying to click on?? Try selecting the little images of each individual product! That SHOULD work. XOXO

  5. Yes :). I loved this! Thanks Jill!!! Ps. We also use the saying “START THE CAR!” lolll I find that sooo funny. I thought we were the only ones hahaha!

  6. I am all in favour of finding a bargain, but as I age, I am looking more for quality and the ethics that went into making the item. If the item is going to fall apart after a few wearings, then is it really a bargain? Also, if the item was made in a sweatshop using synthetic fabrics, is it good for humanity and the planet? I am much more aware of ethically sourced natural fabric fashion now. I buy fewer items, but may spend more on each. I buy classic items that may not be trendy, but I can wear for years.

  7. Sooooo sad that one piece isn’t available! I would have bought it on the spot! I am looking for a funky suit like that for a family reunion coming up! Any other suggestions?

  8. HI Jillian,
    I love all the shows you are in I try to watch every single one of them when I can. I can’t wait for your new show to come out I hope it’s not just going to be the four episodes? It looks really exciting and full of emotions with your little nugget and Justin are going to be on this show also can’t wait for June 21st two days before my birthday what a birthday gift.
    Jillian the only problem I have is with the bathing suits the Plus Sizes they don’t have any size 16 otherwise everything is beautiful wish I could fit into something I’m trying maybe one of these days I will look like them.

    Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re definitely making people happy.

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