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Homeless For The Night


On November 20th…for the 3rd year now, Justin and I will be sleeping on the streets of East Side Vancouver…with only a thin sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard. It has, over the last few years.. been the most rewarding yet humbling thing I have done in my life. So often we attach homelessness to a stigma of ‘making that choice or being lazy’…this is a sad sad point of view many of us have on homelessness. LIVING the hell that these kids go through for just ONE NIGHT is enough for me to realize, that more often than not there isn’t a choice and lazy is the last thing these kids are.

You know what it’s like when you’ve had a long week, haven’t eaten properly and haven’t slept? You are groggy, irritable, forgetful and sometimes depressed. Now imagine if say perhaps you have NO loved ones, grew up in an abusive environment, somehow found yourself homeless and now are actually sleeping OUTDOORS, ON CONCRETE, no fluffy duvet, no heater to turn up. No fresh coffee to make in the morning and toast to put in the toaster. And then, the humility of having to roam the streets all day, wondering HOW to turn it all around. It becomes a downhill spiral and often there isn’t the support needed to help get back on track.

That is where Covenant House comes in.

Covenant is not just a shelter, it is a wonderful beautiful organization that coaches, teaches, and guides, they make sure to check the best boiler quotes so that they have the best equipment to receive people. They put a roof over your head, food in your tummy and love in you heart. Beyond that, they hold you accountable, teach you, guide you until you are on the right track. Their program completely BLEW Justin and I away, and talking to some of these BRILLIANT kids, I’ve realized that we are converting what public may think as for gone conclusion…to integral parts of our community. These kids are smart, funny & goal oriented…they just need the resources to get going on the right track.

This program, is an important part of our community and our future. It is something that has become a huge part of our lives. I am SO grateful that you all love my travels, my fashion, and cooking – but – more important are the causes that are going to make our world a little happier and a little healthier.

covenant1 covenant2


Sparing just a few dollars for this cause, while Justin and I endure what these kids have to endure for just one night, would truly mean the world to us.

Thank you so so much in advance. Today, don’t buy the purse or the shoes, instead – donate here.

Justin & Jill’s Donation Page



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