Hometowns, Heartbreaks & Who I Think Ben Will Pick

I am starting to think I am getting this season ALL wrong. I really didn’t feel like Ben was going to pick Lauren B from the GET GO … but now, I’m not so sure. While I might LOVE the other girls … it’s not really about me is it??? I see the way Ben looks at Lauren and …well … I feel like it’s kind of game over!


This last episode, I was GLUED to the screen. Starting off with Amanda and her AMAZING girls. I mean if I were a dude, I would be RIGHT in there … all three of those girls are SO beautiful and I sat there praying when he let her go that some WONDERFUL, kind, loving (might as well be rich too) guy would sweep them off their feet. I don’t know Amanda beyond the show, but I love her so much!!!! While I was so sad Ben let her go, I understand…


On to Lauren B … when Ben was in her hometown, and he said he couldn’t put words to why he loved Lauren … I thought … SEE!!! He can’t put words to it either…. it’s NOT HER!!! And then… he started crying. That’s when I realized, I could be wrong about it all. But it worries me … it’s like when I was in love with Ed. I was SO attracted to him, couldn’t get enough of him and just wanted to pick him … but in the end, I couldn’t DESCRIBE why I loved him, other than the fact that he was hot and funny. I do think it’s important to be able to articulate and identify the things that draw you to a person, so that you don’t choose someone purely based on attraction. I’m not saying that’s what is happening with Ben and Lauren … I just for some reason am looking for the staples that take a relationship from being all over each other to that deep rich love.

One thing that I can say that I really loved about Lauren’s date … was her dad. You can tell HE is such an emotional, smart, individual and loves his girl so much. Oh. And the music they played at the end of the date…. that’s usually a bit of a giveaway….


OK CAILA … My best friend Shannon put it perfectly, Caila is just annoyingly perfect. And when Justin was  watching with me, he said, you know, I’ve always imagined I would marry a Philippino (lol ok babe). BUT, I see what both of these people are saying … Caila is just a goddess and a perfect person to procreate. We need more people on this planet who are positive, sweet, a bit naive and have that perfect head of hair.  She’s just ADORABLE … my ONLY worry with Caila is … is if she’s ready for marriage. There is something about her that strikes me to be a bit too young … but that could be the nature of who she is and her culture. She’s just sweet, fun loving, kind and not too domineering. I like it.

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JOJO… she’s been my fav since the beginning … she’s ready, HOT, cute, has great style (have you followed her on Instagram??? OMG BOMBSHELL!!!) But … her hometown was such a disaster!! I love her parents and while I’m sure her brother’s reactions were equal part producers and the microscope of the show … I for some reason wouldn’t want to marry into THAT! There was something about her brothers I didn’t love … and I feel like Ben felt the same way. For me, family is SO important, and I hope this doesn’t deter him from picking her!! As you can see Jojo is still my front runner right now!


I haven’t looked at ONE spoiler, and I didn’t pry at the wedding as to who Ben picked … so I have NO clue who it will be … (don’t tell me if you know!!!!). But at this point …. I really have NO clue. I know who I WANT him to pick, but I really can’t say if I have an inkling on WHO it will be….

I can’t WAIT until next Monday!!! Especially since I have it off and I will be HOME in Kelowna with my family! It’s my FAVOURITE place to watch the show … HOME!



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  1. I love hearing your feedback on the show! I think that he is going to pick Lauren B, but is going to be heartbroken to let JoJo go… maybe he’ll pull a Mesnick?? Can’t wait to find out!!

  2. First of all…I think of you, as you think of JoJo! So fun to follow!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The tears got me thinking too….. We’ll wait and see!

  3. I have seen a couple spoilers, but I promise not to say who THEY say he picks. I was sad to see Amanda go last night. Sorry, but after that cluster of a hometown date with JoJo, I think she should have been let go. But I also see a point to letting Amanda go as well. I do not think Ben is step-dad material, and it would not have been fair to Amanda to have a night in the Fantasy Suite if he wasn’t at least 85% sure of his feelings for her.

  4. I think its so funny that you put the picture of JoJo’s mum skullying out of the bottle. I had to do a quick rewind to see if I had actually just seen that. Too funny. She was the best out of that bunch. The brothers are major wankers and I’d be worried they are just a little to invested in their sisters life.

  5. I agree with Debbie and Tricia…I don`t think Ben is the step-dad type. He is too young, in my opinion. And if I was Ben, I would be leary about JoJo`s true feelings for her ex. My new fav is Caila. She seems to be soooo in love with Ben. I hope he picks her.

  6. This is one season where there is no clear winner for me. I must admit, I just didn’t get why Caila was in the final four. That was until the hometown date. My impression of her changed completely. Love her Mom and Dad too.

    Am I the only one who has come to hate the editing on the Bachelor (and other reality shows)? I understand why they do it, but they edit some preview scenes to such a degree that it becomes deceiving.

  7. I think it is clearly Lauren B. I hate it for Jo Jo but I really think her brothers completely sabotaged her chances. I also think she is having a hard time just letting go and falling for him. I think it is super ironic that her brothers were so skeptical and yet her brother Ben was actually on a reality love show too! Anyone else pick up on that?

  8. LOL Jillian!! I love how open and honest you are about your opinions and stories (like the pulling of Harrisons finger) I actually have always liked Lauren B and have hoped they will end up together in the end ever since their first date when he got her talking about her dad and she told the story about how he obsesses over his lawn, she also has been so classy and non-dramatic about the other girls, plus w her NORMAL family I feel like she’s a 10. I think next season there should be a pool put together to bet on who will win! 😉

  9. I picked Lauren B from the near beginning. I think he has great chemistry with her. But I don’t know, there is something I saw on last week’s episode that makes me wonder if she would actually accept an engagement ring. She hasn’t been dramatic or anything there just seems to be something missing. Maybe she is holding back until he picks her. I think he sends Lauren home prematurely, and then calls her after parting with Caila to get her back. He isn’t feeling it with JoJo, that I could tell from early on. I thought it was also funny how JoJo’s bros pointed out that she legit only had 2 dates with Ben- priceless!

  10. I am completely team Lauren B, and I love you Jillian but this is nothing like you and Ed! Lauren is level-headed, genuine and drama free – it has to be her!! P.S. Hi from Australia x

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