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How to Easily Shop My Favourite Looks & Home Decor Items

I wanted to write this blog post as I’m sure many of you have seen or heard me talk about the app and some of you are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about and how it all works! So, I thought I would give you a little rundown of what this is all about and how you can find it handy!

What is is an app (you can download it here!) that is pretty similar to Instagram, it’s a place where you can follow your favourite bloggers and not only is it filled with gorgeous photos … but ALL of the photos are shoppable! That’s right, any time you tap on a photo within the app you will automatically know where the items in the photos are from and how much they are.

Why Download the App?

  1. You’ll know exactly where my fave clothes and home decor are from
  2. You can instantly purchase items you LOVE
  3. You’ll get exclusive posts via my account
  4. Find great items on sale via the “Discover” function within the app
  5. Access to style tips from your favourite bloggers
  6. Explore the following categories for fashion (or gift!) inspo
  • Fitness
  • Curves
  • Baby Bump
  • Mens
  • Swim
  • Family
  • Bags
  • Shoe Crushes
  • Kids
  • Weddings

Pretty cool hey? Below I’m going to give you a quick overview of how to use the app AND how you can capture shoppable products directly from my Instagram photos as well!

Jillian Harris How to Shop My Looks

How to Shop Images via the app

  1. Download the app.
  2. Give me a follow along with any of your other favourite bloggers!
  3. Tap on any photo on my account to see the individual clothing items or decor pieces.
  4. Tap on any item to view the price and where it’s from! This will also give you an option to shop the item directly or to add the item to your wishlist.

If you select “Shop”: The app will redirect you to the website where you can purchase it.

If you select “Wishlist”: The app will save this particular item to your wishlist folder which you can revisit at any time!

BONUS: If you come across an item you want to share with a friend just tap on the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the product image and you can text or email this item to your buddy! Pretty cool, huh?!

Jillian Harris How to Shop My Favourites Jillian Harris How to Shop My Favourites Jillian Harris How to Shop My Favourites Jillian Harris How to Shop My FavouritesJillian Harris How to Shop My Looks

How to Shop Images via Instagram

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the app and followed me you can also shop via Instagram!
  2. Anytime you see an image with a watermark in the right-hand corner (like the one below) or if my photos have a caption that includes an ltk link or any hashtags such as #ltkhome, #ltkfamily, etc. that means I have tagged the shoppable items in my post!
  3. Screenshot the photo with the watermark (or ltk hashtags) and you’ll get an email with all of the product details and links send directly to your inbox!
Jillian Harris How to Shop My Looks

Do you use the app? If so … how do you like it so far?? Also, if you’re still a bit confused about the app, make sure to post your questions in the comments sections below and I’ll help clear them up for you!!

Ps. If this isn’t “your thing” no worries at all, I always make sure to link my fave items in the shop section of my website which you can always refer to!! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!



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  1. OK so I was beginning to think I’m seriously old because this used to work for me but doesn’t, what have I changed, what am I doing wrong? Help me, please!

    1. What is happening when you use it?? You USED to be able to just like the photo and it would email you the details but now you have to take a screenshot of it to get the emails!

  2. Shopping from your photos works great! Love it!
    But the app wants you to screenshot and somehow drop the photo. This has never worked and is the confusing part of “like to know it”.
    Some items are not on your instagram. Like the fleece you wore when walking the dog on the beach in Van. It was white with a high collar. But nowhere to be found on your blog.
    You make everything look fresh and glamorous. Even the tough and exhausting parts of motherhood. Keep up the good work!

  3. Where can I find info on the flooring in this living room photo? I am overwhelmed searching for the right flooring for our home and would so appreciate your help. Thank you 🙂 -Pam

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