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How We’re Spending Our Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN GOBLINS AND GHOULS!!! ?I JUST finished decorating our house this weekend (talk about getting it done in the nick of time!! LOL!!) … when I decorate for Halloween, not only do I decorate our front entrance and yard but I like to deck out the inside of our home too! Over the years I’ve accumulated some awesome Halloween decor which I reuse every year but I also like to add a few new items to my stash each year and I tend to do my Halloween decor shopping NOW because everything is starting to go on SALE!! I mean, why pay full price when you can snag it at a good deal for next year?? The beauty of Halloween decor is that the colours never change and nothing goes “out of style” so you might as well wait until it’s half off … am I right, or am I RIGHT?! LOL! Some of my favourite places to shop for Halloween decor online are Amazon (pretty cheap and ships quickly!), Etsy (so many unique decorations here!) and Pottery Barn (for quality, classic decor).

Alright, let’s go for a little “Halloween Decor Tour” in my home … let’s start inside! I think it’s so fun to get a little creepy with the decor … note the fake teeth in the dome?! LOL!! And the eyeballs in the vase?! I’m also obsessed with placing fake skulls and crows throughout our home … I’m not sure why, but I actually LOVE the look of the crows, you can place them in fun awkward spots and they really do the trick of making things feel SPOOKY!

Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween DecorationsJillian Harris Halloween Decorations

Moving on to outside … I love buying a ton of pumpkins and lining our staircase with them, add some cobwebs and fake spiders and you are good to go! LOL! I also made a creepy little graveyard in front of our house too … and let me tell you, these foggy mornings we have been having lately here in the Okanagan really make our yard look EERIE!!!

Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations Jillian Harris Halloween DecorationsJillian Harris Halloween Decorations

If you haven’t checked out my Halloween Shop page you should take a look at it as you might be able to snag some fun Halloween decorations on clearance for next year!! I know I’ll be taking a browse through it to see what I can grab!

So today I’m planning on taking Leo to the Pumpkin Patch with some of his friends from Daycare so they can have a little playdate and get in the Halloween spirit, then we will be heading home so I can start prepping our house for our HUGE photoshoot (yes, this is the one I’ve been planning on sharing with you for MONTHS now!) LOL.

When Justin gets home from work around 5 we plan on taking Leo out trick or treating in our neighborhood and then we will rush back home to handy out candy!! I’m soooo excited about this because it’ll be our first Halloween in our new home and it’s so fun being able to meet all of the little kids of the neighborhood and check out their costumes!!

Jillian Harris Halloween Decorations

What are you guys doing for Halloween??? Make sure to share your plans below, I want to know what everyone is up to!!

Oh, speaking of costumes … you guys … lol … I had SUCH a hard time figuring out our costumes this year BUT I managed to come up with a couple ideas … stay tuned for our costume blog coming up NEXT!!



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  1. You did a fantastic job I love all your Halloween decorations! Especially those spiders they are extra creepy! Where did you buy your leopard print shoes from? They are super cute!

  2. TOO CUTE! Love that boy of yours.

    I already have Christmas fever, and when I logged onto Pottery Barn Kids’ gift guide I squealed when I saw your darling family!


    Please tell me a blog post (or two or three!) all about this PBK collab is coming! I’m ready for ALL the Christmas — and the very best version of that, to me, is the Jillian Harris-style with a toddler and north woods and all the plaids and knits. Ahhh! Bring it on!

  3. Just took another look at that PBK family photo and had to add: You look GORGEOUS, Jillian! Blissful, sunlit, in the moment. Motherhood looks so good on you!

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.

  4. I spent a bunch of time (and I guess money too) decorating the outside of the house.. and even carved 4 pumpkins this year. Hope to get lots of kiddos tonight!
    Can’t wait to see your costumes! Love the sneak peeks I’ve seen on instastories!

  5. Happy Halloween Jillian and Leo! Today is my birthday and it is the first time since I’ve had children that I’m actually going to have a nice dinner out with the hubby. Lol my girls are 11 and 19. My 11 year old broke it to me recently that she was done trick or treating? So I got the girls Katy Perry concert tickets for tonight and I’ll have a nice bday dinner. Feels very odd not to be scrambling to get costumes and carve last minute pumpkins. Lol not sure how I feel about it? Enjoy Leo while he’s little, time really does fly. Maybe I’ll ride my broomstick to the restaurant tonight lol ?

  6. Love it! I definitely wait until all the sales too. Every year I go shopping for more Christmas decorations just before Christmas or just after Christmas! I mean you really can never have too many holiday decorations!

  7. We trick or treated at your house and while your husband was kneeling down helping my son, my four year old daughter whispered in my ear “mom, they have really good decorations, I really like their decorations”. So I said to her “that’s a nice thing to say, you should tell them that”. So she went over and said to your husband that she likes them. He didn’t hear her so she goes right up close to his face, looks him in the eye, puts her hand on his shoulder and says again “I REALLY like your decorations”. It was pretty cute. The house looked great… spooky but not scary.

  8. I love those fake teeth you have in the photos but cannot find ones that look that good! Can you share where those are from?

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