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How You Helped 100 Teachers Clear The List

I can’t believe that Summer is coming to an end, and you know what that means … the kiddos are heading back to school! I know there are likely a lot of mixed emotions surrounding this school year, as many of us are feeling anxious as to what the new school year will entail.

With all of the unknown and the changes ahead, I decided that this month all funds raised via Cameo would go toward all of the amazing teachers out there. That’s right, with your help, we are going to help clear the list of 100 teachers!!

What is #ClearTheList

Clear the list all started when a teacher from Texas created the hashtag #ClearTheList on Instagram. The goal of the campaign was to help teachers across the US raise funds for classroom supplies. What all started as a hashtag has now turned into a globally recognized fundraiser that takes place right before the school year begins!

Did you know that teachers spend an average of $480 out of pocket on classroom supplies each year? That’s data from the National Center of Education Statistics, reported by the New York Post. I don’t know about you but I was shocked by that number! This just goes to show you how dedicated teachers are to the learning and wellbeing of our children!

Honestly, I think that teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world, which is educating our littles ones! This year in particular they are taking on a job bigger than ever before, opening up their classrooms during a global pandemic! Today, we are spreading out LOVE to all of the teachers out there and clearing 100 of their lists!

How to nominate a teacher and clear their list

1. Head on over to my Instagram account, specifically to the most recent post here.

2. You can either nominate a teacher by tagging them on this post and sharing the link to their Amazon list.

3. Nominate yourself by commenting with the name of your school and the Amazon list you are looking to clear!

4. If you are looking to help teachers clear their lists head to the post and copy the link they share!

That’s it, that’s all! Easy peasy lemon squeeze!

Sending our love to all of the amazing teachers out there!!



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  1. Hi Jilly team, this is really great and generous of you but I’m not sure what an amazon list is? Many of us teachers use teacherpayteacher and have massive lists of resources we want to buy. This not only would give back to teachers but it’s double ended as the person you are buying from is also a teacher:) Just a thought! Thanks for all that you do to give back!
    -Music Teacher and Librarian in the Okanagan Valley-

  2. Ahh Jill, you just made my day! Thank you for picking me! You have no idea how uplifting this surprise was during this years back to school. I found out yesterday that because of the number of students who chose to do distance learning that there is not a class for me to teach at my school. So I have been moved to teach online 😪. I have no idea if you read these messages, but after sad tears yesterday, I have happy tears today. I just wanted you to know you really made my day!!

  3. I don’t have Instagram but I’d love to get my list cleared!
    I really would like a Bluetooth speaker to be used outside for my Physical & Health education classes to support mental health during this pandemic. I use a speaker for things like mindfulness, yoga, fitness & listening to music for motivation during activity as well as keeping our mental well being. It is not a purchase that can be covered and the speaker is $250 (+tax) on amazon. I’m hoping you can help clear this list for me & help me keep kids outdoors and safe!

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